the scariest night of my life

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For a bit of background. I am a 24 year old male who lives in Northern Canada. this experience happened to me two years ago. I was out at my friends place which was a few hours away from where I lived. I joined my friends in throwing him a surprise going away party because he was moving the next day. we had fun till it started to get dark and I decided I’d better head home. so I said my goodbyes and started my long journey back into town. I walked down the road till I got to the highway and I realised that it was already dusk. so I put my coat on and kept walking. I’m an outdoors kind of person so I was accustomed to walking in the wilderness when its dark. I followed the highway to the turn off to head into town and nothing had really happened aside from hearing wolves or the odd coyote in the darkness surrounding the wilderness. I was halfway into town when I heard a loud noise off in the ditch a ways away from the highway. it startled me and I froze for a second to hear if the noise continued. sure enough I heard it again. it was a splashing kind of sound like when a beaver slaps its tail in water. I called out to see if it was a person but no answer. I thought that’s weird. so I turned my flashlight on and pointed the beam towards where I heard the noise. then form out of nowhere a rock flew towards my direction which made me jump out of the way to avoid it from hitting me. as I looked back to where my flashlight was shining I saw a set of eyes with a color I can only describe as crimson were focused right on my flashlight. as my eyes adjusted to the dark I could see a figure that would haunt my dreams to this day. it looked like a wolf but emaciated and a deer’s head and long human like arms with long razor sharp claws. just when I thought it was terrifying enough it stood up and made a cry that sent cold shivers down my was like hearing a woman shrieking mixed with the roar of a bear. my fight or flight instinct kicked in and I ran as fast as I could down the road. I could hear trees rustling and branches snapping as i ran for my life. my lungs were burning and i knew it was only a matter of time before I ran out of adrenaline. luckily a car came down the highway and I flagged them down as quick as possible and explained the situation. the people in the car didn’t believe me, but then the creature let out a loud cry behind me and the people told me to get in quick. as we sped away I swore I could see the creature still in pursuit of me near the treeline. then i blinked and it had disappeared. I can tell you this much. since that day I feel less comfortable in the wilderness at night and when i am going out there I make sure i have my friends with me.


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