The scariest night of my life

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This was yesterdays date but I couldnt write it then. Something terrible happened when I went to ? house yesterday with my sister. He was high and he wanted me to sit on his lap. Then he went to get a blanket. I thought he was just cold or something. Then he had me sit on his lap again but he covered us up. Then he started rubbing me. Then he slowly moved his hand around and put his hand in my pants. I wanted to say something but I didnt. He fingered me for a few minutes then pulled his pants down. My pants were still up but me made me sit on his ”thing”. He jerked off some. Then he started to pull mine down. I was scared. He almost had them down and then wanted a ciggarette and grabbed one. While he was busy doing that I pulled my pants back up and held them up. He tried to talk to me but I was so tired that I dont remember some of the things he said but here is what I remember…the whole story from the beginning:
?: *Gets a blanket*
ME: *Talks to sister*
?: Come here little one
ME: *Goes and sits on his lap*
?: *Starts rubbing me*
ME: *Gets scared*
?: *Uses finger and puts in my pants and put it in my vagina*
ME: *Scared and starts crying a little*
?: *Pulls his pants down and jerks off*
ME: *Scared still*
?: *Starts to take my pants off*
ME: *Tries to not let him*
?: *Continues before wanting a cigarette*
ME: *Pulls my pants up and holds them up*
?: *Whispers* Nooooo
ME: *Continues holding them up and ignores him*
?: * Whispers more*
ME: * Ignores him*
?: * Whispers* Heaven?
ME: * Doesnt speak but turns my head to show im listening*
?: * Whispers* Want to help?
ME: * Shakes head no*
?: *Whispers* Okay you can get up now

After that i got up and talked to my sister for a little bit. I was so shakey i couldnt stay still then if my life depended on it. That is how bad it was. Me and my sister left and I told her about it, About a week later I texted ?… I said to him “ Are you at least going to say sorry? “ He knew excactly what I was talking about and said sorry. But this all happened 7 days after my first period so it could have ruined my life more than it has. I wish this was all a dream. A scary dream. But it isnt. It was real. It really happened. >_< I wish it hadnt happened. It was scary and I couldnt think. Im lucky I was able to stop it from actually hurting me… Thanks for listening.

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