The Sasquatch

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This story is about my brother Alec. Our mom had married a man that spent his time in

Florida and West Virginia. Six months in Florida and six months in West Virginia.

My brother was still in school, he was fifteen when this happened to him. Currently, they

were in Florida. Alec and our brother Andrew went to school together. They were

playing ball on the playground of the school. At the playground and behind the school

was a forest. Andrew said, “Alec you smell that?”

Alec looked around and tried to see if he could see anything in the woods. Being from

West Virginia, you train yourself to be able to see animals walking about in the woods, or

in the trees. Alec didn’t see anything and said, “I smell it, but I don’t see it.” Andrew

said, “Let’s go in and find it.”

Alec was five foot, six and Andrew was five foot. Neither one of them had stopped

growing yet. Alec was a bit of a coward and Andrew was a bull in a china shop. Andrew

didn’t care if it killed him or anyone else.

Alec kept looking in the forest to see if he could see the animal. He was sure it was

probably just a skunk. But Alec had smelled a skunk before. There was a skunk at their

house once.

Alec and Abigail accidentally scared the skunk and it sprayed them. It took a long time

for the smell to go away. But the smell in the forest wasn’t quite that smell. It was a

skunk, that rolled in a pile of sick manure and the throw up too.

The other kids in the playground started to complain about the smell. The teachers that

were out on the playground started to take notice. Alec and Andrew were at the edge of

the forest looking.

Then the two of them saw it. Goosebumps went all over their bodies. Their hair was

standing up on their arms, as if they had been electrocuted. Alec and Andrew were frozen

to their spot. They were terrified.

One of the teaches came over to them and put their hand on their shoulders. The teacher

had not seen what they were looking at. The creature was looking straight at them.

Fight or flight hit Alec and Andrew when the teacher touched them.

Alec said he jumped at least a foot in the air. Alec said he was crying and so was Andrew.

They turned, at the same time the teacher saw what they were looking at and started to


The teacher was frozen in his tracks. Alec went back and grabbed the teacher and was

pulling him. The teacher finally came around and started to scream, “Everyone in the

building, NOW!”

Everyone heard the fear in his voice and no one asked any questions. They all ran as fast

as they could into the building. The teachers lock the school down and called the parents

to come and pick up their children.

The school was out until they build a ten-foot wall between them and the forest. Life was

scary enough without having to face a creature like that at school.

The next time Alec came across one was when he was with his wife in Ohio. Alec was

about twenty-four, and living in a tent in the woods, near Lake Erie. Alec and Debbie, his

wife decided to smoke a joint and go to bed early.

Around two in the morning Alec had been waking up. He laid there trying to figure out

what had woken him? Then he smelled it. He rolled over and patted Debbie and said in

a quiet voice, “Debbie, wake up.”

Alec knew he had made a mistake by doing that because Debbie started to moan in her

sleep. Alec knew it was a Sasquatch or Big Foot. It was the same putrid smell he had

smelled in Florida.

Alec said the thought hit him. Was the thing following him? Could there be that many of

them? There was no way it was in Ohio also. He tugged at Debbie again and

said, “Please be quiet, we have to get up.”

Debbie opened her eyes and said, “What’s going on? What’s wrong?” She smelled the

smell and said, “What is that?”

The next thing they knew a razor-like claw slit the back of the tent. Debbie screamed, Alec

jumped up and grabbed his wife. They ran and jumped in the truck and took off for the


Alec didn’t look behind, but Debbie did. Debbie said the creature lifted the tent up and

tore it to shreds. She said she was glad Alec shielded her from looking at it because after

she saw it all she could do was cry.

Alec said he didn’t look at it that time, he knew he would freeze. Alec said he couldn’t

understand why the creature picked on them. There were other campers out there. They

had more food than him and Debbie.

Alec even ask if anyone had ever heard of Sasquatch stocking people? So apparently be

careful out in the woods, Sasquatch is in the eastern part of the United States as well.

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