The room at the end

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I’ve had quite a few experiences  which I will tell in due time, But for now this one should suffice.

This happened around 2005 or six  when I was in my late 20s, I had been working with a friend of mine off and on since 1999 at his father’s cabinet shop which was located behind his fathers house, my  friend still lived at home, so I would come over sometimes and stay the night so we could get a early start.

The house had four bedrooms, his father and stepmother’s room, his room, his step brothers room and a spare room that had a bed and a TV, where they also stored old antique. Small tables, children’s rocking chairs a old doll houses really creepy looking old clown and other old dolls.

The room with the antiques was at the end of the hall right next to the step brothers room. but he was often gone to his girlfriends.

Every time I came over they told me you can stay in the spare room!  I would just say that’s OK, preferring to sleep on the floor in my friends room because to be honest that room creeped me out and I didn’t want to tell them.

But eventually I gave in and started sleeping in that room but I’d always keep the TV on with the volume on mute. now I’m not afraid of the dark! but like I said, I got a creepy vibe from that room.

The first few time sleeping in their past without incident, but I could never shake the feeling of being watched. One night however I was laying there with the TV on trying to go to sleep ( it takes me some time to shut down ) when I kept feeling like a fly was landing on my nose  on my eyelid and in my ear, no matter how much I swatted at it, it persisted.

Till finally I was fed up and I made a loud grunting noise in frustration! And as soon as I did I heard a little girl giggle followed immediately by an older man with the deep voice who said  Shhhh!!! Be quiet.

Needless to say I am mediately jumped up left that room and slept on the La-Z-Boy in the living room that night.

The next day I told everyone about my experience and because of previous stories I told them, i was accused of bringing something into their house.

I told them that I hadn’t had any experience in a couple years and whatever it was, was here already! Eventually they got a large warehouse building to run their business out of and the Times of me coming over to stay the night became fewer and fewer. but I continue to work for them.

Two or three years had passed since i last stayed the night in that house, i had stop by for a visit his stepmother was taking care of two children that belong to one of her relatives, i’ll leave out the details why.

But the children had to stay with them for a while and  they were sleeping in that room I used to stay in.

So I’m sitting there visiting, when his stepmother started telling me how one night she was telling the boy and his younger sister to brush their teeth and go to bed, The little boy was reluctant and said that he did not want to, when asked why he simply said because the little girl in old man won’t leave me alone,  after hearing this I reminded her of the incident that happened to me and we both just sit there in disbelief.

I haven’t been back to the house in a long time and no longer work for them, I sometimes wonder if the little girl and the old man are still there.

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