The Ranch, Part 2

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This takes place the morning after me and my friend, Nathan, experienced the little girl laughing when we were retrieving some chairs at a ranch, in Uvalde, Texas. It’s been a while since this happened, so I don’t remember if I took my dad’s video camera at this time, and if true, I won’t know because I have nothing to play back the tapes. I do remember four moments that occurred during a walk I took; two of them should’ve been immediate red flags in hindsight now that I’m aware of other types of creatures.

It was around 0900 or 1000 when I had awoken to everybody getting up and ready for breakfast, but there was a problem, nobody had decided to bring food for the morning after we arrived. Out of about seventeen people; eleven, including the adults, went into town to get things for breakfast and dinner; leaving the rest of at the campsite. The eldest of us was a friend we called Sasquatch. He was left in charge until our advisor returned but he decided to go back to sleep. The reason I mention him will come into effect later in the story.

Once I was fully awake, I didn’t want to waste time just waiting for everyone to come back. I decided to go for a walk, alone, because the sun was out and everything would be illuminated and easy to see, or so I thought. I don’t remember telling anyone I was going for a walk or just walking off to begin. Just a short distance from the camp was a thick section of wooded area.

Here’s some information regarding this wooded area. According to our advisor, the branches are so intertwined, that no sunlight can penetrate through to the ground. The night before, we went on a small tour of the ranch; passing throuh this area, which gave a creepy vibe because they didn’t look like trees, but boney limbs. That was at night though, during the day I was standing right at the entrance and, sure enough, no sunlight was touching the ground in that area. At this time in my life, I was cautious about doing things that may have bad outcomes, but I decided to press on with my walk.

I was following a make shift trail, zig-zags in this area, for a few meters when the second moment, the first red flag straight up reveals itself to me. As I walked, I felt that I was being watched. I stopped and turned around to see something, interesting; a relatively large coyote, but it looked like it was sick or born deformed. I stared at it not in fear, but in curiosity. The animal was staring at me from the other side of the fence, as if it was sizing me up. Personally I thought it was cool to see an animal in real life instead of on TV, me being from the city of course. The animal appeared to lose interest in me and ran off deeper into the woods.

After the encounter, I resumed my walk, but when I was about halfway through the woods, I heard a really loud crunching sound coming several meters to my right. I snap my head to that direction to see nothing but trees, and hear nothing but silence. I feel a small breeze come through the woods and start hearing light crunching sounds coming from my right, then my left, behind me, then something small falls quickly in front of me; it was a large, dry leaf. I looked up to see that the breeze knocked down the heavy, dry leaves, which made a light crunch on impact.

After rationalizing the noises I resumed the walk through the woods, but by this point I was getting uncomfortable. I sped walked through, but the heavy crunching sounds returned, so I decided to get the pocket knife in my pocket in case things got heated with whatever was following me. I soon saw the exit and darted towards and through, back into the sunlight. The relief of being safe was short lived because I remembered the trail was a lot longer than I anticipated due to my impatience. I was contemplating sprinting back the way I came, cutting through the trail to minimize time and distance. My back was still towards the woods while I was thinking my course of action, but it was interrupted by a loud groaning sound coming from directly behind me.

I basically dove in front of me, flicked my open my knife and spun around to face whatever the hell made the noise. To my relief, it was just a herd of longhorns that were just passing through, and they were the ones making the loud crunching sounds. But now I couldn’t go back because they were blocking the shortest path back to camp, so I continued along the perimeter of the ranch. After about one hundred feet, I saw something breath taking. In the adjacent property was a huge meadow filled with hundreds or thousands flowers of different colors, as far as the eye could see; truly a beatiful sight.

Fast forward towards the final bend of the path, and the second red flag. As I was coming towards the final bend, I came to another closed gate that leads to a dried creek bed, deeper into the that we were gonna hike through that night. I turned towards the direction of the camp when I stopped to observe a herd of deer crossing over from the woods to behind the camp sight. Once they crossed I continued but was immediately startled by the sound of laughter that came from the bottem of the hill, where the closed gate was at.

It sounded like Sasquatch, but it was distorted, almost like his laugh was combined with the Predator’s laughter from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. My heart was racing because he was proned to pranks but this didn’t feel like him. I decided to walk towards camp and see if he was still there. Upon returning back to camp, I saw that he was still asleep but I didn’t say anything to anyone because I passed it off as a figment of my imagination.

As I look back on this day, I think I may have had an encounter with a skinwalker. During this point in time I never knew that these, and others, existed until I came across this channel and learning the tell tale signs of this creature makes me glad that nothing happened to me over there. Nothing else major happened that day or when we went on the hike, however there was one more thing that happened the following year with a new guy joined the post but I was booted from the program by then. His experience was worse than mine and one day I’ll relay it, but I really want to go back and see what happens, now that I’m aware what’s out there.

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