The Rain Monster

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I wouldn’t have thought something with the fictional-sounding name of “the Rain Monster” could actually exist within the local woods.

I was wrong.

Hi, my name is Xander Despenas. I’m 16 years old and live in Mason City, Iowa. My best friend, Hunter Tyler, is 14 (going on 15 on November 4, 2017), and he is the one that discovered the Rain Monster.

You see, the Rain Monster is a paranormal entity that appears normally when it is raining or overcast (hence the name), but does make brief appearances under other circumstances. The strange thing is, we have no idea as to what this thing’s origins are. Perhaps an angry spirit? Or something conjured through a Ouija board? We weren’t too sure then, but now we’re pretty confident that the Rain Monster is something much more demonic, something from the depths of Hell itself. We’ve done multiple investigations regarding this entity, and much to our surprise, a lot of evidence supporting the idea of this thing’s existence has come up in almost all of our documentations.

October 30th, 2015

This is probably the most controversial piece of evidence we have.

According to North Iowa Today, an unnamed 47-year-old man from Fairfax, Iowa (which is roughly a two and a half hour drive from here) was found dead in his car in front of the woods the Rain Monster is located in. Medical examiners had claimed his passing on was due to self harm. (Read the story here:

Now, it’s weird enough that a man would drive almost three hours from home to kill himself, but this is where it gets weird. You see, throughout our investigations, we had come across some interesting and disturbing things in those woods, including a shredded couch, a shovel, and a rope tied to a tree. We’d always thought somebody had committed suicide out there, but one question always came up: if someone hanged themselves out in the woods, who buried them? What was the shovel for? It was such a roadblock for us that we could never get by. But after we heard of the suicide in front of the woods, a new question came to mind: was it the Rain Monster that caused it?

There is an outline of small trees and tall grass just before you enter the woods. This is what we’ve called the “Border to Hell,” because we have discovered that the Rain Monster cannot (or at least will not) go past the border. But what about the suicide? And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the theories get even more believable.

I’ve recently been thinking about this whole thing, and I’ve finally thought of a good question: what if the man didn’t commit suicide, and instead the Rain Monster got to him? But that would mean the Border to Hell would have finally been broken, and the Rain Monster would be able to expand his territory heavily. This is where the problems are starting.

I will update you on any new encounters with the Rain Monster or any updates on its whereabouts.

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