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Okay first of all I have always had a hard time with darkness, almost all of the women in my family have some kind of “gift”. Most can feel spirits, some see and her them. Me however, I sometimes see them, feel them and hear them but only when it is completely dark. So I always sleep with the light on if I’m alone.

This experience started when I lived in my first apartment, I was 17 years old my father died half a year before and I couldn’t live with my biological mother. I had lived in the tiny apartment for about 2 months when I was visiting my aunt.
I was checking her bookshelf for books I hadn’t read and then I looked up to the top shelf. There it was, it was the most beautiful book I had ever seen. I asked her what it was and she looked at it pulled it from the shelf and handed it to me. She told me it was a 200 year old bible that had belonged to a priest at some point.

She gave it to me because I was so mesmerised by it, but I should never had taken it home. I showed it to everyone and displayed it on my own bookshelf. Nevertheless a month passed before something happened, my best friend stayed over and of course we turned off all of the lights. She quickly fell asleep but I couldn’t.
That night was the first time I saw Him, he was wearing the traditional priest robe, ha had black hair and was almost as tall as the doorframe.
He stood in the doorway leading from the entryway into the living room aka my bedroom, he didn’t move and I could only see him from the belly up. His head was tilted down but his angry eyes stared directly at me. I quickly woke up my friend, she couldn’t see him but she could feel his presence and she checked the entryway and turned on the lights. As you might expect I didn’t get anymore sleep that night.

It took me 2 years and a lot more experiences before I finally gave the bible back to my aunt. However, the spirit of the priest stayed with me until I moved out of that apartment 2 years later so a total of 4 years of living with the spirit of a priest who would never enter my living room and would stare at me when I had guests over.

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Wow! That would’ve scared the crap out of me. I’m surprised your Aunt didn’t have any issues with the book or the priests spirit being a sensitive. It sounds like he chose you but why? Even more worrisome is how he glared at you, very judgmental and angry – two things a priest are not ‘supposed’ to be. I’ve read, heard and have had quite a few of my own experiences but, for whatever reason, this really gives me the creeps. He even made his figure imposing, looming in the doorway but never moving into certain rooms. I just… wow. Thank you for sharing and I’m glad you’re okay, I’m even more glad it’s over. Random: I’m writing a few stories of my own experiences right now, initially just filling the form out but I decided to first write it out in my notes; allowing myself to take my time. The way you started your story was almost identical to mine, so when I started reading it I thought I was still on the form page. The women on my Mom’s side have all had, as you put it, gifts to either see, hear and/or interact with the spirit world. Every generation has had their own talent on top of the basics we’ve all been blessed with. Sadly it seems the gift weakened with every generation but mine is strong enough, especially because I use and trust it, that it’s saved my life and others a few times. I have the typical sensitives, I can also sometimes vaguely see them (also only in the dark) but my gift is being able to see the livings life flash within me like a photograph. It’s hard to explain but the images are accompanied with emotions and they typically happen when a persons soul is ‘exposed’, if that makes sense. More so it happens around bad ppl, their lives read like a horror… Read more »