The Porcelain Doll

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It was a sunny fall afternoon in a small town in Maine, when a mother and her daughter were browsing a yard sale of a recently deceased elderly woman. The mother was focused on furniture and kitchenware, while the daughter was looking at the woman’s collection of figurines, dolls, and stuffed animals. Before long the little girl saw an item that appeared to glow. She walked over to it to get a better look.

It was an old looking porcelain doll. She had pale skin, piercing blue eyes, jet black hair, and a dainty baby blue dress. The little girl thought she was beautiful, and carefully picked her up. She walked over to her mother, who was looking at a china set. She asked her mother if she could have the doll, but her mother told her she couldn’t afford it.

Disappointed, the little girl gently put the doll back, but kept staring at it and admiring it until her mother pried her attention away. They continued to the next yard to look at what they had.

Later that night, when the little girl was getting ready to sleep, she opened her bedroom door and saw the porcelain doll sitting on her bed, staring right at her. She screamed with delight and ran over to her bed. She picked up the doll and carefully hugged it. The girls mother walked in to see why her daughter had screamed, and saw the doll. She knew her daughter hadn’t taken it because they had been together since they left the yard sale. She was creeped out, but let it slide because it made her daughter happy.

Her mother tucked her into bed, and set the doll on her dresser, which the little girl couldn’t reach yet. The woman kissed her daughter on the head and turned the lights off, softly shutting the door behind her.

In the morning, the girls mother walked into her room to wake her. The girl was in the exact same spot as when she was tucked in the night before, but the doll was sitting on the foot of her bed, staring at the girl. The woman stifled a scream, and picked up the doll. She put it on a high shelf in the girls closet, and locked the door. She then proceeded to wake her daughter. The girl asked where her doll had gone, but her mother just told her that there had been no doll, and that it was a dream.

The next morning, the girl woke up to see her closet door wide open as well as her bedroom door. She didn’t see the doll anywhere. She got up and walked to her mothers room and knocked on her door. She heard nothing inside, do she quietly opened the door. The girl peeked inside, and saw the doll sitting on the foot of her mothers bed, staring at the woman. She walked over to her mother, who was facing the opposite direction. The girl shook her mother, and pleaded for her to wake up. She climbed in bed with her, and saw the blood, and then the knife, sticking out of her mothers chest. The girl screamed, but then she had a sharp pain in her back, then everything went black.

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