The Poltergeist

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Olivia, my mom, decided that we were going to move out of her father’s house,

yet again. The only house for rent was in the middle of a graveyard. Which was also, just

seven houses up from her parents’ house. Alec, my brother, hated this,

he kept telling me that the people at the house didn’t want us to move in.

Fiona, Olivia’s sister was beside herself. Fiona worked harder getting all

Olivia’s belongings together, then any of us did. Fiona helped take boxes after boxes to

the new house. All the while Alec was crying, begging Olivia not to move into the house.

I said, “Come on Alec, we’ll have fun.” Alec looked at me and said, “We will not,

they’ll try to take over. I’m staying home with Mama.” Fiona heard what Alec said

and said, “Oh no you’re not!” Fiona grabbed Alec and carried him all the way to the new


I followed them close behind, out to the new house. Fiona put Alec down on the stoop

and said, “Don’t come back!” Alec started crying. I went over and put her arms around

Alec and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you, I promise.” Alec stopped crying and looking

at me and said, “I wish you could see what I see.” I said in a very sincere voice, “Me too.”

As Alec and I sit there, our sisters and mom, Eva, Lisa and Olivia came up. Olivia

asked, “What’s the matter?” Alec said, “Nothing.” Olivia said, “Then let’s have

dinner.” Alec perked up and went into the house.

At dusk, I told Olivia I was going to find some firewood. Olivia laughed and said, “I

don’t think we’re going to need it.” I said, “I hope we do.” I headed out the door, Olivia

said, “Don’t be out there too long, it’s almost dark.” I said, “I won’t.” hen off I went.

Alec was sitting on the couch and Lisa came over to him. Lisa said, “Everything okay?”

Alec looked up and said, “Not really, do you see them?” Lisa said, “Yes, but remember

they won’t hurt you. We’ll get mom to say a prayer and they won’t be able to come near

us, okay?” Alec shook his head yes.

An hour past and I came in the cabin. I looked around and said, “You didn’t eat

without me, did you?” Olivia said, “No, but if you had been any later, you would have

been too late.” I took the wood to the fireplace and set it down.

Everyone took their place at the table. Lisa told Olivia about Alec and asked her to pray

a special prayer at the dinner table that night, so Olivia did. After the prayer, the beans,

potatoes and cornbread were passed around.

After dinner, everyone did their part. Lisa and I cleared the table, Alec swept the floor

while Olivia and Eva washed the dishes. I looked around and smiled, then said, “It feels

good to be in our own house.” Lisa said, “Yes it does.”

Olivia looked around and said, “You don’t miss the television?” All of us agreed that we

didn’t. Olivia said, “Okay, bedtime.” I looked panic and said, “No, I thought we were

going to tell ghost stories.” Alec said, “Goodnight, I’m going to bed, please don’t start

before I go to sleep.”

Twenty minutes later the ladies were in the living room, ready to tell a ghost story. I

couldn’t wait. We were in the middle of a graveyard and telling ghost stories. My dream

came true. Lisa said, “I’ll tell you a story, you’ll never forget.” I smiled and said, “Start.”

Lisa started, “In 1904 your Papa and three of his friends were invited to stay at this

house in Kentucky. If they spend the entire night, they would get one hundred thousand

dollars to share with each other.” I sighed and said, “Wow, that’s a lot of money.”

Lisa said, “Stop, you have to go to bed.” I shook my head and said, “Okay.” Lisa

said, “The young boys got their sleeping bags, their coffee, coffee cups, lanterns and some

bread for a snack. The man escorted the young men to the front door, unlocked it and let

them in.” I said, “How old were they.” Lisa said, “Papa said he was fifteen.”

I looked around and said, “I can’t imagine Papa at fifteen.” Olivia, Lisa, and Eva

laughed. Lisa said, “Okay so they were in the living room and sitting in a circle. They had

arranged their sleeping bags side by side. That way if anything happened, they would be

safe with each other.

As the night wore on, Papa got his Bible out and started to read it. The other boys

listen as he read his favorite stories to them. At midnight, they heard a noise upstairs and

didn’t go up to see what it was. They figured it had to be a rat, the noise was so small.

They all got tired and decided to call it a night.

They got in their sleeping bags and fell asleep. At three o’clock in the morning, the

house came alive. The noise started in the kitchen. Papa and the other three went to the

door and opened it, as they were looking in the pots and pans were circling the table in

the air. The dishes were flying out of the cabinets. The drawers were opening and spilling


Then the noise came from upstairs again, and this time it sounded like the floor was

coming down on them. As one of the guys ran up the stairs to see what was happing up

there. The others were trying to close the kitchen door.

Then they heard a noise from the basement. Only this noise was like a beast, and it

sounded hungry. Papa asked if they had seen the other guy that went upstairs, lately. The

other guys said, no. They decided to go upstairs and find the other young man. Papa told

them to grab their gear, so they did.

Up the stairs, they went. They found their friend in the last bedroom, he was stuck in

the bed. The three of them pulled their friend out of the bed. He said he felt like the bed

was trying to eat him. As they headed back downstairs the living room was acting as the

kitchen. Everything was dancing around.

Papa told them he couldn’t take it anymore, he was leaving. He ran to the front door

and couldn’t get out. The door was locked, they ran to the windows and couldn’t open

them. His friends started panicking, they too started trying to open windows. Then one of

his friends took his coffee pot from his pack and hit the window.

The window broke, but not enough to let them out. So, the others started hitting the

window also. The window finally gives in, and they all jumped out. The sky was just

turning to day. The four of them went into the field that was beside the house, about

thirty yards away. As they turned around to look at the house, they saw a man in the


As they were watching the man, he waved his arms. As he was waving his arms the

house was folding over and over, with every wave of the man’s hands. Then the earth

opened, and the house slowly sunk in the ground. The guys looked at each other and ran


Papa said they went back a few months later and the house was standing there as if

nothing had happened. He also said he was pretty sure the man was the devil himself.” I

said, “Good story if Alec was up, he would be crying by now.” Olivia, Eva, and Lisa


Olivia said, “Time for bed Abigail.” I looked around and said, “Okay, but can we

spend the night here tomorrow night, too?” Olivia laughed and said, “Yes, this is

our new home.” I looked at her and said, “I hope so.” Then I went to bed.

Olivia looked at the other girls and said, “I wonder why she said that?” Eva said,

“You know how kids are, she’s just excited.” Lisa said, “I’m tired, I’m going to bed

too.” Olivia said, “Me too.” Eva said, “Okay, let’s go to bed.”

About three in the morning the house woke up. Olivia said, “What’s going on?” Eva

said, “I’m cold.” Lisa said, “What woke us up?” Alec woke up and said, “It’s the people

from the graveyard. They live here.” Olivia said, “What?” Lisa said, “I told you, he said the

people in the graves live in this house. He sees them.” Olivia looked at Lisa and said, “OH


As everyone sits up in bed, Olivia lit the lantern. As they looked around the room, they

didn’t see anything. Alec looked at the living room door and said, “They’re all in there,

they’re talking to each other like their alive.” The three ladies’ heads went right, trying to

see the ghost.”

Alec said, “I guess we can do this, they don’t seem to be mean.” Lisa looked at Alec and

said, “They use to be people, just like you and me. Why would you think they were

mean?” Alec said, “It’s not that their mean, it’s what they look like. Sometimes they don’t

look so good.” Olivia said, “If they bother you ask them, what they want?” Alec said, “No.”

Olivia said, “Why not? If you help them, they’ll go away.” Alec said, “But what if they

don’t?” Olivia said, “I was always told they would. Just try it.” Alec said, “Okay, I’ll try

next time.” Olivia said, “Can we all go to sleep now?”

The family stayed in the cabin for a month. Then when Olivia went to pay for the next

month’s rent, the Landlord told her to move out. There was no explanation for his

actions. The small family packed up the cabin and moved back with Cameron and

Alexandra. This made Fiona very angry. No one ever lived in the cabin after the small


Months had passed, and I liked going through the graveyard. I missed the old house

and the time we had spent there. One day Alec and I decided to walk around the

graveyard to see who was buried there.

One hundred yards from the cabin was a fence surrounding two graves. The two graves

had a cement tomb over the entire length of the grave. The one had a baby lamb on it

and the other a sheepdog. The graves were lined up with the front door of the cabin. I

decided that they had to belong to the people that owned the house at one time.

I was looking at the graves and tried to see the names, so I was climbing up on the

fence. Alec said, “Stop doing that.” I looked at Alec and said, “I’m not going over, I just

wanted to see their names.” Alec said, “They don’t like you doing that.” I turned and

said, “Who?”

Alec said, “The kids in the graves.” I jumped down and walked over to Alec and

said, “Where are they?” Alec said, “They’re sitting on the fence.” I looked over to the

fence and said, “That hurts.” The fence was upside down, the smooth part of the fence

was in the ground and the spike part was showing. Alec laughed. Then he said, “They’re

dead.” I said, “Oh yeah.”

Alec and I were in the graveyard for an hour. Alec said, “Let’s go home and play.” I

said, “Okay, bet I beat you.” Alec said, “No fair you’re taller than me.” I stopped and

looked at Alec and said, “What does that have to do with it.” Alec said, “Your steps are

longer than mine.” I said, “I’ll give you a head start.” Then Alec took off.

I was running along and just when I was about to overtake Alec. I tripped and fell, it

felt like someone had tripped me. I looked around and Alec stopped. He said, “The little

girl tripped you.” I said, “What little girl.” Alec said, “The one from the grave.” I

said, “They’re following us.” Alec said, “Yes, they want to play too.” I thought about this

and didn’t think it was right, but I wasn’t sure.

When we entered the yard, Fiona came out of the house and told us to play in the front

yard. Fiona said, “You’re not allowed in the house.” Alec said, “I’m thirsty.” I said, “So

am I.” Fiona said, “I don’t care, you’re not coming in.”

We went to the front yard and I climbed the Maple Tree to the second limb. Alec was

sitting in the iron chair. I started talking to myself, “Mean old woman, I can’t stand her.

How does she expect us to play if we can’t drink water? It’s not like we’re asking her for

milk or cool aid.” Then I heard, “Abigail who are you talking to?”

My heart jumped in my chest, I just knew it was the little girl, Alec said followed us

home. I closed my eyes and held on to the tree and fell back to look at the window. I

never knew the window on the second floor was lined up to my branch. It was Cameron,

our grandmother, and I let out a sigh. I was so glad to know it wasn’t Fiona or the

invisible children. I knew that if it had been Fiona, I would have got a whipping.

Only Fiona didn’t whip, she beat. Just like Alexander, our grandfather. He beat me so

bad once he knocked me out. Fiona was so angry at us living in their house she took it

out on them with her beatings. I didn’t mine Fiona beating me, but I couldn’t stand it

when she beat Alec.

I thought about the two kids from the graveyard and said, “I was talking to my friends

from the graveyard.” Alec screamed. I looked down at him and said, “What?” Alec

said, “You see them.” I said, “No, are they still here?” Alec said, “Yes, they won’t leave.”

Cameron looked at Alec and then said, “You take those kids back to the graveyard right

now, and tell them to stay, in the name of Jesus.”

I jumped out of the tree and looked at Alec. I said, “We better do what she says.” Alec

said, “You heard what Mama said, you have to go back to the graveyard.” I said, “Come

on, let’s go.” As we were going out the front gate Fiona said, “And don’t come back.” Alec

and I looked at her and wasn’t sure if she about us or them.

Alec talked to the two kids for an hour. I listen to the one-sided conversation. Alec

said, “You have to stay here. No, Mama said you can’t come back with us.” I felt left out so

I said, “Tell them they’re lucky to be dead.” Alec said, “They can hear what you’re

saying.” So, I said, “Stop arguing with them Alec and tell them to stay here. I want to eat

sometime today.”

Alec laughed and said, “It’s just beans and potatoes.” I said, “I know, but at least it’s

beans and potatoes.” Alec said, “No, you can’t go home with us. I’m sorry you can’t eat.” I

sighed. Then there was a noise behind us where the house was. I looked over and

couldn’t see anything.

There was a noise from the house. The front door opened and banged the wall. Then

there was a strong wind that came around us. It felt like it was pulling us to the house.

Alec said, “Abigail run.” I took off running, I looked around and Alec was right with

me. Alec said, “Stop.” I stopped and said, “What happened?” Alec said, “The people in

the graveyard helped us, they got the kids and told us to run home.” I said, “Tell them

thinks, the next time you see them.” Alec said, “I’m not going to go back there again.”

At the dinner table, Cameron asked Alec and me, what had happened to them. Alec

told everyone at the table what had happened. Cameron said, “How did you get them to

stay there?” I said, “We didn’t.” Alec said, “The people in the graveyard did.” Cameron’s

face went white and no one talked the rest of the time. Alec and I were sure we did

something wrong, but we weren’t sure what it was.

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