the one thing i wish i never saw

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ill been holding this story in for years now and everyone that I try to tell them the story they say it just your mine getting the best of you. But it wasn’t it was too real too vivid. this happens when I was 4 at the time I was on the front porch with my papa’s dog. she was I pitbull but the kinds thing you meet god I miss her. Anyways it was sunset and I was sitting on the wood floor as Casey (that was paps dogs named) was laying next to me when the air went cold. this was weird cause it was in the middle summer and there was no wind going through at the time. Casey sweet computer was now mad and alert her ears was pull back like she was ready to attack whatever she looking at. even when I was 4 I knew something was up. I follow Casey glad to the woods that was just across the rood. I didn’t see at first untell I smelled it, it didn’t smell rotten but fresh like a fresh deer that was skinned and the meat was blowing in the wind. this made me scared at the time I wanted to go inside but being 4 I just had to know what was making that smell. as I look through the woods I saw it looked like a person but very tall and with a pellet on its shoulders. as I look closer I saw it was a girl but with marking on her body and her eyes was cold like if you look into a blue flower and covered in ice. the sun was all most gone at the time and it was getting hard to see her but she didn’t move from the spot I saw her in then a howl like a human trying to copy a wolf howls. the girl looks over where the howl came from and I saw her changs yes changs like a horror movie I cloud see her bones pop and move into a wolf like a body. I was so scared and Casey was standing over me now as I star and that thing, soon she ran off to where I think where the other one was, as that thing was out of my site I got up and ran to the door as Casey follows. I slam the door and I was thinking what I saw, I tell my parents but they didn’t believe me. to this day I’m hesitant to tell others what I saw causes after I saw that girl I swear I saw her moving in next door to our old houses and now I’m not sure if people are how they say they are
plz if u know what I saw tell me it might give me some closure.

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