The Old Lady In The Swedish Cabin

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I´m a 21 year old girl from Norway, this happened to me when I was around 13-14 years old.

Me, my mom, my sister and her two daughters went on a road trip to Sweden one summer, we rented a cabin for 2 nights before driving back home. The journey went well and after 13 hours we finally arrived to the resort where the cabin was located.
We got the keys for a small wood cabin with 4 beds and a small bathroom. The beds in the cabin was full of doghair, and since both me and my sister are allergic, we had to get a new cabin.
We got the keys to a big red house on the middle of the resort. 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room and 2 bedrooms. It was beautiful and I looked forward to stay there for the 2 days and spend time with my family.
Me and my mom got the bedroom on the second floor and my sister and her daughters had the room right below us. This is important for the story to know.
We went out for shopping and came back with food for a big BBQ, candy and food for breakfast the next day.

It started to get dark outside, so we decided to have the BBQ before it got too dark. My mom and my sister made the food and the kids included me played some games on the lawn while we waited for the food. I got a feeling that I was being watched from the window upstairs. I kept looking up, but I didn’t see anything. My sister eventually joined the game, but every time I looked at her, she was watching the same window as me. I said it was cold outside and I wanted to eat in the kitchen because I was too scared to look up to the window again.

We sat in the kitchen around a table playing cards and listening to music. The girls was dancing around and we had a really good time. I got the feeling that I was being watched again and had to look up the staircase that u could see from the kitchen. It was dark upstairs, so I could not see anything, but I was sure something was up there looking back down at us. My mom commented that she felt something or someone was watching her and I told her I was feeling the same. We all got creeped out and we decided to go to bed.

Me and my mom was sharing a double bed. It was one window in the room, right next to my side of the bed. We sat up talking for a bit, but decided to sleep as we had a long day of shopping ahead of us. After a while of trying to sleep, my sister called my mom and told us to keep it down as they heard us walking upstairs and in the staircase. My mom told her that we had been trying to sleep when she called.

I woke up in the middle of the night and opened my eyes. I saw an old lady standing next to my bed looking at me. The had glasses and white curly hair. She had a white dress and a clock on her arm. She was just staring at me. I was so tired after the journey that I just closed my eyes, turned around and fell beck asleep.

The morning after we sat around the table eating breakfast. My oldest niece told us that she didn’t want to stay in the house anymore as she saw an old lady in her bedroom when she was trying to sleep. My heart nearly stopped and I told her that I saw the same. We decided to ask the people working there if there was other people who saw the same as us.

Me and my mom walked down to the main house while my sister packed our stuff ready to leave. My mom told the girl behind the desk what happened and the girl said that we are the 4th people in a week saying the same stuff. She also told us that the big red house was the main house a long time ago. The whole resort was built on a burned down farm and the main house was the only thing surviving the fire. A old couple died in the fire while they tried to save the animals.
We told her we wanted to move out and get placed in a small wooden cabin for the last night. She gave us the keys and we walked back up to my sister to tell the news. While moving to the other cabin my youngest niece had to use the toilet so I said I could follow her and watch over her while she was in the house. She was scared. I waited outside the bathroom door and heard her finish and unlocking the door. The door would not move at all. We both tried to open it, but it was stuck. Eventually it opened and we both ran outside in fear of what just happened.

We came back from shopping a few hours later and saw that a new family moved into the big red house. They played outside and had a good time. I felt bad for them since they had to stay in that house.

It was time to go to bed since we had a 13 hour drive back to Norway. We all slept in the same room and my youngest niece suddenly said; Good Night Olga. We asked her who Olga was, and she said it was the old woman living in the red house.

6 am the next morning we was ready to head home. We drove pass the red house and saw all the people standing outside the house on the lawn. They also had a new born, and it was screaming and crying really bad. They stopped our car and asked if we knew what was going on with the house, my mom said yes and the reason we moved out if it after just one night.

We drove away from there and never looked back.

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