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One day I was pregnant with my now year old son, I was going to the fair that night with my boyfriend. We had lived together in a ghetto apartment place, it wasn’t the best at all. There were constant drug deals and shooting, people killing themselves. Well, after going to the fair for a few hours and coming back, we saw our door bombarded with a wood board. We rushed to our door and immediately found out we were robbed. We could have stayed but for the sake of me being pregnant…. I decided we needed to find somewhere quick to live.

Fast forward to 3 days later, we were currently staying at his moms house, I decided that I needed to find a place to stay. I saw an apartment pop up on google and called to see if they have anything available. She told me she had a top stairs one bedroom apartment ready to move in to today. I didn’t ask anymore questions about it and didn’t even ask to see it. The next day I packed my stuff and went to the apartment complex. As I got there, I started heading up the stairs to my apartment when on the corner of my eye I saw a old lady starring dead at me, with a scared look. I was freaked out, she was literally sitting there, doing nothing else but starring at me like she was afraid of me…. I was going to say hello, but was to scared to…. As we get all settled in our apartment, more and more people would keep starring at us and whispering. I got seriously bad vibes from the whole complex.

As weeks went by, me and my boyfriend were settled into our new apartment. Everything was going good, we had two dogs, one was a puppy. One night while I was sitting in bath tub relaxing, I heard a knock at the door. I thought it was my boyfriend so I said “hello?”, I heard someone say Babe in my boyfriends exact voice, they knocked again. I got annoyed and opened the door to find no one there, my boyfriend was outside down the stairs smoking. It was like he was right out the door. I was spooked but kept on going with my day. After that incident, It kept on happening each time I went in the bathroom when my boyfriend was at work. During this time I was starting to shit my pants and hated being alone. My boyfriend didn’t believe me until it happened to him. I was outside on the balcony and he came out mad and said “what do you want keep calling me”, I was confused because I haven’t even went inside in about 30 min and didn’t call him. Time went by nothing else happened, until one day we were sitting down watching a movie in the living room, I had bought some water jug at the store just a few hours ago and left it on the kitchen counter, mind you it was still sealed shut. As were watching a movie we hear something in the kitchen we look and see nothing there until we see the water jug top come flying off and literally was thrown hard again the wall straight across, it didn’t fall off it was like someone frisbeed it across the room. We were so shook, I kept wondering what happened here before we moved in?

One night my boyfriend was working a late shift and I was at home by myself, just me and my two dogs. We were out in the living room relaxing when all of a sudden my dogs started barking crazy out of nowhere. They NEVER bark. I soon got scared because of the events that happened in the past and I took them into the room and closed the door and locked it. I turned on the tv in the room and all of a sudden I heard a knock at the door, a loud knock. I freaked out and called my mom, telling her about it (she knew about the other past events), she told me “Sarah, do not open a door to a ghost if there knocking, its bad luck your letting them in”, I just sat there crying, there was a knock again and again. By this time I called my boyfriend crying to come home then all of a sudden there was a loud bang like this entity or ghost whatever it was, was getting mad. I waited til my boyfriend came home til I came out of the room, come to find out one of the glass frames fell hard on the floor and glass was shattered everywhere. We had enough, I wanted to move out so bad. The next day I went downstairs to go and talk to the landlord, and there she was, the old lady I haven’t seen since we first moved in. She was starring at me so hard, just like last time. This time she looked like she wanted to tell me something. I went down and said hello and asked her if she knew who lived in our apartment before us. She was shocked I asked her that by her facial expressions and said “Yes, he was an old man who was very mean and bitter, he hated dogs and children, he died from a coke overdose and died on the bedroom floor. I finally knew why everyone looked at us the way they did, they knew to. I was freaked out knowing why I was experiencing all these things. I went to the landlord and told her how she should have relied that information to me before I moved in, she got an attitude with me and told me she didn’t have to. I called my mother in law up and told her what happened the night before and how I couldn’t live like this especially being 6 months pregnant. She came over with some sage and lit it and put crosses of the ashes on all the doors and on me and my boyfriend, she said a prayer. After that, I felt no negative energy in the house, it was quiet as ever. I felt so relaxed and calm but just the past events still made me not want to stay there. So after a month I paid the extra money to move to another apartment in the same complex and haven’t felt anything paranormal since.

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