The old dirt road

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I live near Darlington south Carolina and this story takes place a month ago.

I was driving down a dirt road with my cousin riding shotgun and we were just doing donuts in the sand pits on my grandparents land. 2 hours later we were heading to the mud pit and as we were driving we heard something screeching and I did something I would regret to this day I stopped and got out of the truck and looked around with my flashlight then I heard something behind me it sounded like a very low pitched growl, as I turned around my cousin started screaming saying “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT” as i looked at it well it smiled as it backed away I saw it in full detail, it had black eyes that looked like pits, it had white skin and cuts all over its body, sharp claws and it was seven feet tall.

As it leaped back into the bushes it said “see you soon” after that night I will never go on that dirt road again.


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