The Odor

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My mom works in a hospital and I get to hear a lot of interesting stories from her and her co-workers. This story is from one of the nurses she works with.

A morbidly obese woman came into the doctor’s office complaining of a horrible odor coming from her that she could not get rid of. She told the doctor that she bathes regularly and maintains pretty good hygiene, so she couldn’t figure out where the odor was coming from.

The doctor told the nurse to give the woman a sponge bath to try to figure out where the odor was coming from. So the nurse went through and cleaned every fold and crevis on this woman’s body. Once she reached the abdomen, the nurse had to go threw and lift every fold of fat and clean underneath it. Finally, the nurse lifted a fold of fat and was met with a nauseating stench. Under all the fat was a mushy, moldy, green, unrecognizable object. This was obviously the source of the odor.

When asked to identify the object, the woman confessed, embarrasedly, that it was an old piece of bread. Apparently, the woman was using pieces of bread to dab away the sweat she had under her folds, and somehow, a piece had gotten lodged in between her fat folds for god knows how long.

It is truly beyond me how she could just lose that piece of bread, or why she was using bread in the first place. I just hope that lady, wherever she is now, has learned from this unfortunate and grotesque experience.

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