The Nurse Who never went home

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About 6 months ago, I used to work at a nursing home in sounthern Virginia. I had only had my Nurse Aide Certification for about four months at the time, so I was still fairly new.

On this particular day I was assigned to my normal 3PM-11PM shift. I finished my work as I normally would and when 11PM came I patiently waited for the night shift aide to show up. But she never did. Which meant I had to stay and work the night shift, which I had never done before.

The hallways was only being illuminated by the light at the nursing station. I quickly made a round to make sure my residents were in bed.

Once I finished my round, I sat behind the nurses station and began to chart. The charge nurse had stepped away from the unit for her break so I was back there all by myself. The place seemed much more intense at night time.

I had been focusing on my charting when suddenly I heard a door slam from down the hallway. I jumped to my feet and rushed down the hallway thinking that one of my residents had shut their door. In this facility, all doors had to remain open so that we could monitor fall risk residents.

However, when I went into the Hall I didn’t find any doors shut. But I did find a door open, that wasn’t supposed to be open. It was Room 204A. The door on this room had been shut days ago so that our maintenance crew could fix the busted toilet.

I stepped into the room to notice that both windows were open and the sink in the bathroom was running. I quickly shut off the water, shut the windows, turned off the light and locked the door again. I was shaken at this point. But I did another round and returned back to the nursing station.
At this point it was only a little past 1AM. I had started my charting again. I had been sitting there for 5 minutes when I heard the clicking of shoes down the hallway. I got up and looked down the hall expecting to see one of the dementia residents.

That’s not what I seen. In the middle of the hallway, stood a tall blonde woman with bright red lipstick on. She wore a set of the blue Nurse Aide scrubs that all employees wore. But then, I noticed she wasn’t exactly human.

There seemed to be a soft glow around her body and she was slightly transparent. I looked closer at her face. Her cheeks were tear stained. I began to step closer toward the apparition. When I got closer I noticed blood stained her uniform.

I remember standing still in fear, I had decided the best thing to do was run back to the nurses station and call my charge nurse back to the unit.

But before I couod turn around and run down the hallway, the thing ran at me, making an awful noise.

I screamed and ran back to the nurses station and called the other unit and asked for me charge nurse to return to the unit.

I looked down the hallway and that thing had slowly began to fade as though it we’re never there.

When my charge nurse came back she looked slightly annoyed with me and asked why I was acting so frantic. I told her about what I had seen and suddenly her face held a look of realization but then she told me I was acting ridiculous and to get back to work.

I finished my shift without anymore disturbances from whatever that was.

Later that week, I had been talking to the other aides and I had told then about what I had seen. Apparently many years ago, this was a standard hospital and one night a nurse assistant was working the night shift and she had went in to check on one of the “violent” patients.

He had saved the fork from his dinner that evening and stashed it under his pillow. When she entered the room to check on him, he stabbed with the fork forty two times.

He had been there from the local jail. This was his attempt to escape.

The aide told me that the nurse assistant was admitted to that very hall. Where she died days later.

I never seen the appirition again. And I quit a few months later.

I don’t know if I believe that story but I do know that I seen something and now I work at a new nursing home and absolutely refuse to work the night shift by myself.

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