The Northgate Haunting

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By Scardust

This happened two years ago when I was a freshman at Northgate Highschool. But before I tell you what happened to me I have to tell you about my school’s history. You see my school has two buildings the main building and the “9th grade” building which is located right next to the main building.

The 9th grade building was built on land that was originally owned by a slave master in the 1800’s and so has a grave yard by the outside lunch area. The slave owner loved to beat his slaves daily and sometimes kill them by mistake. Although he is dead now the story goes he did not go peacefully.

One early morning one of his slaves was making him breakfast, eggs and bacon his favorite meal, while he was sitting and reading. After all the abuse she and her family had suffered at his hands the slave took the frying pan with hot bacon grease still in it and hit the slave owner over his head knocking him down and pouring boiling hotgrease on his face burning his face. As he lay on the floor yelling in agony and screaming threats of torture and death to her but she had came too far and continued to beat her former master to death. Many years later after his death the 9th grade building had been finished and was in use.

Now how does this affect me, well you see there was a rumor going around that if come early in the morning or late in the evening that you will start to smell bacon no matter what part of the building you’re in.

Some have even claimed to see a figure sitting in the lunch room or standing just out of direct view from them, meaning they only catch a glance of it. This was not my case however, after failing a Spanish 1 quiz I asked if I could retake it, my Spanish teacher said yes and asked if I could stay after school or come in the morning.

As I couldn’t stay after school since it was my week with my father, which only happens every two months or so, during which he loved to find old movies from my childhood and we both make fun of them, I had to come in the morning. After I was dropped off I headed to the 9th grade building to do the retake on my way to the class room when I smelled bacon.

After hearing the rumors of the spirit I was immediately on edge. I went into the cafeteria and looked around to see if there were any lunch ladies in there, of course there weren’t. So now I’ve gone from on edge to creeper out so I decided to leave however the door closes behind me and wouldn’t budge. Now scared I start to panic a little wondering what’s going on then I notice something. A little ball of what looked like literal black fire.

It started to grow bigger and bigger until it started to take human form. It’s face was still just fire but it’s body was like that of a confederate solder grey and decorated in medals and badges. I was in total shock I had always believed in ghosts, demons, angels, and the like but never thought I’d see one.

Then it started to move not slowly or hastily, but for lack of a better analogy, like a street fighter character swaying back and forth repeating the same motions. Then I heard a voice and it said, “I’m sorry for what I’ve done.” then another ball of fire appeared but this time it was white and the human figure burned away until back into the original black ball of fire and began to disappear. But, unlike the first ball, the second ball was still there and different voice said,” You shall never be forgiven.” then disappeared as well.

Now thoroughly confused and horrified I tried the doors again and to my relief they opened. I did do my retake but it took me almost an hour even though it was only 20 questions. I was still in shock over the whole thing. I had so many questions that I might never get an answer to like why appear to me of all souls, why couldn’t I see either of their faces, and why didn’t the second one take a human form? Luckily I have never been back yo the 9th grade building since the beginning of my 10th grade year and hopefully I’ll never go back.

I have told this to a few friends and family members but most just right it off as a bad dream or they think I’m making this all up but some do believe me and we’re worried that something else might happen, fortunately nothing has and I hope it stays that way.

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