The Nighttime Noise

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By TN Squatcher

Since the night of this “encounter”, the burden that it carries on me is too overloading, so I figured who better to share it with than this channel.

On to the story. January 6, 2016, very recent. Me and five of my best friends were planning to go camping in my woods. I live in Tennessee, so as you can imagine, the woods are dense, even in the middle if winter. We had all of our items and gear packed and ready to go. So on that note, we set out for what we planned to just be hunting, camping, and making a bonfire.

Now, where we walked to go set up shop, there is a large, flat field and about 8 miles of woods surrounding that on all sides, plus a shallow creek in between. We got there and in packed after about a 1- hour walk. We unpacked, ate, and hunted deer. Killing a buck, we came back and skinned the deer, hung the skin up to dry, put most of the meat in our cooler, and got ready for bed. As me and two of my friends walked into my tent, we heard what favored the sound of a large tree snapping. It was so sudden, my friend immediately turned and zipped up the tent.

The other three had already walked into their tent and had it zipped up. After that, the only sound that broke the silence was a muffled “What was that, man?”. I hadn’t paid to much attention to him, as it sounded like he was unassuring just himself.

I un-latched a tent window, which I never should’ve done. What I saw sank into my memory like a cutting knife. On the other side of our tent, maybe ten to fifteen feet from my face, was a giant, dark arm and two yellow eyes. I kept staring, I didn’t want to, but, I couldn’t stop. It must’ve heard the latch on the window, because it turned, right to me. I didn’t know in that hair of a second, but my eyes had wandered down to what looked to be a large log. When my brain finally caught up with my eyes, I now was seeing a dead doe, with her spine pulled out and settling on the ground.

I figured this was the snapping we heard, but, absolutely no sound of an animal dying. Then a growl snapped my attention back to reality. This thing turned, and squared up to me. The only feature that I noticed was that it’s head was nudging the middle of our deer skin, which was hanging at nearly 8 feet in the air! This thing let out an ear drum-bursting howl/scream, and trudged away, swiftly. My friends all had their guns ready, and I was, still, frozen with fear. I don’t think any of us slept even a wink that night.

We all heard the howl, just one more time as I looked down at my watch, which read 6:32 A.M. I’ve had more sightings of this Bigfoot, but this is my worst, and my biggest fear in the world.

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