The night that changed my life

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This is the story of how I started believing in the supernatural, cryptids in particular. Being a country boy from Tennessee growing up meant camping trips and four-wheeling with my father. One particular trip when I was probably around 9 or 10 we had gone on a four day trip in the blue ridge mountain area on some property that one of his friends owned.

I remember it was heavily forested, nearly untouched except for a small plot where he had built a log cabin. We met at his cabin and set out on four wheelers to an area with a small stream that ran through a small flat area. We decided to set up our tents next to it and start a fire. We had brought enough supplies to use such as hotdogs, marshmallows and such for s’mores.

The plan was to fish, but not for food since I’ve always cared for animals it was always catch and release just for fun. after having eaten and talked around the fire for a while we decided to go to bed since we had a big day of four wheeling and fishing the next day. My dad and I shared a large tent with mesh openings to let in airflow and moonlight.

After I had fallen asleep around midnight I was awakened by the sound of someone or something moving around our campsite and I could see the light get blocked from entering our tent every so often. I quietly woke my dad up and explained the situation. He grabbed his.45 and unzipped the flap but didn’t see anything so he told me to go back to sleep. Seeing that my dad wasn’t worried put me at ease and I eventually fell back to sleep.

Upon waking up in the morning we noticed that there were what looked like bare footprints around our campsite. At this point in my life I had heard of Bigfoot so of course I brought it up as an explanation to my dad and he laughed and said, “Don’t you think the footprints would be bigger?” Given that they were slightly bigger than my dad’s, who wears a size 13, which I don’t know what translates to actual foot size we all naturally assumed that there was a barefoot human walking around while we were sleeping. Naturally we were a little unnerved but since we had protection decided to go on with our trip.

We ate breakfast and did a little fishing before we decided to go riding the trails on the four wheelers. We got back right around dusk and built a fire to once again eat dinner. This time my dad’s friend stayed up a little longer just to see if anyone would come around again. My dad and I once again retired to our tent to sleep and this is where things pick up.

It seems like I had no sooner closed my eyes when I was suddenly startled awake by my dad and his friend telling me to get up we had to go. Naturally I’m curious as to what’s going on and the urgency of our departure when I hear something huge hit the water. It was still dark and the fire had died down so I couldn’t see what it was but I know it was too big for a person to throw. Now I’m freaking out really bad. Both the adults have their guns drawn and something is throwing things that sound like boulders at us.

My dad and his friend start the four wheelers and shout for me to get on. A four day trip is being cut short by something I haven’t seen and is terrifying two grown men with police training that are used to the outdoors. As we begin speeding down the trail towards his cabin I remember turning around to look towards all our supplies we’d left behind to see the faint outlines of two figures standing just outside the dying light of our fire by the tree line. Since it was so long ago I wouldn’t be able to give an accurate estimate of size but all I can say was one was massive, too big to be human, and the other was much smaller.

We made it back to the cabin in about 20 minutes or so and sat out on the porch until the adrenaline stopped. Finally when everything calmed down I asked what had just happened and why my dad’s friend got freaked out in the first place and he said,” I was sitting next to the fire when I heard twigs breaking so I prepared for a confrontation. Then I heard a loud deep guttural noise followed by what sounded like someone snapping a huge branch or sapling in half. “ he then looked at my dad and said, “When I looked in the direction of the noises I saw the reflection of what looked like two large blue eyes reflecting the light of the fire towards me from the darkness. That’s when I realized we weren’t dealing with people.” We sat around for a little while contemplating whether to stay at the cabin or make the journey home half asleep.

The question would soon be answered for us. Suddenly a loud haunting Call or howl whatever you want to call it came from somewhere back in the woods. It was like nothing I’d ever heard and still sends chills down my spine to this day some 20 years later. We dashed to our vehicles and Sped home in record time.

The next morning my dad called his friend who told him that he’d taken a group of people back to the site to retrieve our supplies but when he got there it was pretty much destroyed and there were massive footprints all around.

My dad had pretty much accepted the Bigfoot hypothesis by this point, but if that weren’t enough sometime later on, maybe a few months to a year we were watching tv together when we happened upon a show where some people were hunting for Bigfoot in Texas and they were doing a technique called call blasting, where supposed Sasquatch howls are played loudly into the wilderness in hopes of a response.

As soon as they played those howls over the speakers my dad and I looked at each other and I got that same chill and that same surge of adrenaline. At that moment it was undeniable what we had experienced and that’s when he and I both became believers.

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