The night shift stalker

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So this just happend the other day, my freind who’s name I won’t disclose because of privacy reason I’ll just call him teddy. My friend teddy was over at my house for the weekend to hangout, play video games etc. anyways Saturday night around 2:30 we get really hungry so we decided we’ll try and walk to get something. As we’re walking to the gas station we have to pass by a McDonald’s that the drive thru is only open, but this homeless man is lurking around all creepy, we think nothing of it and carry on, right as we’re going to cross the street he kicks a empty can and starts following us. He follows us to the gas station and just creepily stands outside for a few minutes until he decides to walk in after us and stands awakrdly at The atm, we tell the store clerk and she strikes up a conversation just to buy us time and make it look unsispicos so we evantly leave and we go into this dump off that leads to a theater and we walk for a bit and thne we look behind us to see him standing there in the shawdos looking at us. Anyways we run and escape him and never see him again. But 2 days later my friends mom mentions somebody by that gas station was murdered by a homeless dude and my heart sank realizing me and teddy nearly escaped death that day.


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