The night of the living pets 🐶💀

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Day 1-. I was sitting at home, I was watching the news and it was going to be a rainy day tomorrow the newscaster was blabbering the same stuff he always talked about until I heard the word Herbicide.Gas.Neurotoxin and North Korea. I was shivering wondering if it was able to kill humans, I went out with my outing group when we were driving to the swimming pool I saw a Dog laying on the road foaming at the mouth and has a missing arm, The owner out the outing group stopped the car and the owner of the dog Mr Johnny ran out to get the dog but the dog ripped his arm straight off before he could pick up the beagle. It was very gory blood got onto the windshield and we heard Mr Johnny scream in agony and pain as his pet beagle began eating him bit by bit and snarling, the owner of the outing group driven out as fast as he can and dropped us off at home as quick as he could. Day 2-… “The Herbicide is spreading across the world slowly” said the newscaster “Lock your windows bolt your doors and don’t go near your pets!” said the News Caster, I got out of my sofa and saw that my dog Julie was laying down like if she was sick I went to pet her and she almost bit my hand straight off. She was foaming at the mouth and spots of her fur was turning a barf colored green and there even was vomit near her and some sort of weird fog coming out of the vents, The fog was a green,yellowish mist, When it got to Julie’s nose she howled and got straight up and chased after me, I ran into my bedroom and locked my door when I realized my guinea pigs were affected by the strange mist and they were trying to gnaw their way out of the cage and their mouths were bloodied up, I opened my window grabbed my ninja Katana from my collection and jumped out the window to only see more sick,Infected pets running around attacking people and trying to eat eachother, I was living in a nightmare nowhere was safe I saw a camp near the nearby park and there wasn’t any pets there but it had barbed electric wire I had to shout “Help the pets are attacking me” 10 times for them to open the door to the camp, A monk named Rasputin greeted me and brought me into the camp he said “Those mutated pets attacking you?” I answered “yes” we roasted marshmallows, Shot infected squirrels with shotguns for the sake of protection of eachother, We had a radio of the news and the news caster said “Aggresive herbicide is slowly spreading to America Put gas masks on your pets! and keep the non infected pets safe from any green fog cause It might just find you!” then he kept blabbering about the other world wide news. Day 3-… The Unenclosed Animal encloser, We got up to listen to the news and we learned that the aggressive herbicide is around the north korea,Asia,Japan,China,America areas. And we were in america which meant we weren’t so safe from the pets we also heard that Zoo animals have been acting strange around Seattle,Canada,Australia and Ireland.
and even a news report of a zoo animal that killed half of the entire military when it broke out of it’s enclosure, it was a 6300 pound gorilla named George and he had the exact same greenish spots on him. This was in America. And donald trump was killed by a Bald Eagle which made some people happy and terrified some people cause it had the exact same green spots on it and missing limbs. I told my freinds from camp that I am going to leave to buy some food. They let me out and gave me a shotgun the police immediatly came near me and said “Sorry but don’t kill the infected animals were dealing with them and please give us the gun” they had most of the animals in suitcase cages. And Hazmat people were walking into people’s houses and getting their infected pets I thought it was all over and all done, I was wrong. Day 4-.. the end??? I was at home playing some League of legends until I heard a thump at the backyard window, I saw a boney looking long thing near my window and saw it dissapear. Next I heard the upstairs windows shatter I looked up and I saw a whole horde of the undead pets and the fog moving behind them the were going down the stairs and the birds were trying to rip my eyeballs out but I punched them The guinea pigs and rabbits were hiding inside of the little areas that are unreachable for any normal man, The snakes hung from the ceiling waiting for me to go near them, The birds perched themselves on unreachable places so that they can peck my eyes out, And the other animals teamed up
careful the toxin might be coming to your country Be prepared. Bolt your windows and doors and get a weapon and pesticides and a gas mask cause it is coming

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