The night in the woods

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This happened when I was sixteen, so I was a sophomore in high school. I was at my best friend’s house who we will call “A”. During this time, we decided to go on an adventure down the street. We invited a friend to come along.

We took a path that brought us into the woods, in the woods was a big pond which was surrounded by woods. Our friend wanted to show me a fort he made in the woods. A decided to stay behind as we didn’t plan on being long. As soon as we got to the fort, I had a bad feeling so I told him we needed to go check on her.

What was weird was both our phones died and I was the one who always made sure to have it charged. She ran up to us freaking out, telling us that an unkempt older man came by and sat across from her and stared at her. He left when he heard us coming back.

A wasn’t the type of person to lie or be dramatic. I knew something was up hence the bad feeling I had. Our friend left and a few minutes later we were ready to leave ourselves. We however, took the wrong path and ended up in a clearing in the woods.

This clearing had two trees widely spread apart from one another which were linked together by a chain. Behind that chain was a sheer laid flat on the ground and a little chest with something in it. We couldn’t make out what the object was but suddenly we heard twigs snapping and leaves rustling. We thought it was an animal until it got closer and louder.

A quietly told me to turn around and walk fast but now loud. We saw a man who was the same man that was at the lake. We got out of there fast and ran straight to her house. A few weeks later, there were reports of a sexual assault in those woods. We never went back again.

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