The night I started believing

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To start this off. I want to clarify that I am not a believer in the paranormal. At least I wasn’t until December 23, 2018.

I grew up in a Christian household. God has always had an impact in my life. I never believed in monsters or anything of that sort for the longest time.

That was until I moved to Arizona.

My friends here always told me not to say Skinwalker out loud. Always to refer to them as SWs. I of course laughed it off jokingly and said it anyways. Which made them mad. I didn’t realize why it made them so angry. Until that night.

Two days before Christmas my friends and I had a get together out on this trail in Payson Arizona. Payson itself if one giant native reservation. We were miles into the trail. No going back now.

We were drinking having a good time everything was great. The weather was nice. There was a calm breeze flowing through the air. But when the music stopped I noticed how quiet it was. I’m the only one that paid any attention to the silent night. Not a sound at all. Which was very eerie to me. Especially someone who’s used to being outdoors and hearing the sounds of nature.

Granted I was a little intoxicated, but I should also state that I’ve never ONCE hallucinated or seen something while being buzzed. I realized I needed to take a piss so i stumbled off from the bonfire to pee.

I found a nice tree to leak on when I heard my friend Corbin call me over telling me to “have a look at this”. I said to hold on that I’m pissing and he got inpatient telling me to hurry.

So I finished and walked over behind this big rock to not find Corbin. What I saw just changed my life forever.

Whatever this was I knew it wasn’t good. I immediately got a gut feeling that I was in trouble. Now this night was indeed a good night for camping or whatever you do at night. The full moon shone light through the trees illuminating the creature standing a mere 10 yards in front of me.

It’s red eyes pierced my soul. I began to cry uncontrollably. Being religious, I thought this was my time and that it was Satan here to take me away. It was tall. Taller than me.

To put into perspective I’m 6’1 and this thing was at least 7-8ft. And the smell? The smell was horrible. Like rotting eggs and sulfur all in one. I actually dropped to my knees crying begging God to have mercy and this thing backed up into the shadow and the only thing I could see was it’s eyes. Not red like they were bloodshot. But red like a fire hydrant.

Luckily it didn’t speak to me directly or I probably would have died right in that moment. It backed away until the eyes faded and I heard it gallop. Yes. Gallop away. The noise horses make when they run. The sound of the hooves hitting pavement is what it sounded like.

I crawled my way back to the bonfire where my friends found me in a fit of distress. I was screaming saying I saw the devil and it spoke to me being Corbin and they all laughed saying “oh he’s just drunk”.

I will say this. I have never been that terrified in my whole life. Corbins never seen me act the way I did. I hope that was the last time I ever see that thing. It made me feel so vulnerable and weak. The moment I started to pray. It backed off.

I will always have God as my shield.
Hopefully I will never need that shield for something like that ever again.

Guys I cannot stress this enough.
Do not make fun of something you don’t understand. You may one day come into contact with a skinwalker.

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