The Mulberry Bush

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This event occurred late july in 2017, and it has left me completely certain that I could’ve died that night if this thing decided it wanted me for dinner. To set the scene I live in northern Illinois, a place where we are definitely NOT known for cryptids and supernatural happenings. I lived in a wonderful neighborhood, that so happened to be on the edge of a lake and small forest area used for recreation.

It’s completely surrounded by city which makes it the opposite of remote and mysterious, but let me tell you that doesn’t mean what lurks within isn’t dangerous.

Part of the property is privately owned and fenced off from the rest of the lake, it’s used as a dumping ground for small construction businesses around town and as a playground for the owners father who presumably has dementia, to bulldoze rock piles to his hearts content.

That specific area is where ive had the worst experiences of my life, I’ve been chased, pounced on, and stalked by otherworldly beasts, but this takes the cake. One of my friends that goes by the name Angel, lives directly across the street from that sectioned off property and down the street from his apartment complex is a baseball diamond thats nestled next to the property quite literally where the diamond ends the fence begins.

One summer night I was walking home from Angel’s house, it was 10:30pm when I left the apartment and I was listening to Pamela Ford on repeat.

Trivial detail i know but that just shows how ingrained into my memory this event is. Here’s where the Mulberry bush comes in, at the very end of the baseball diamond stands a massive Mulberry Bush that has attached itself to a tree of some sort to support it’s own weight. I always pick the berries during the summer to make pie and smoothies etc I’m in love with this bush, but as I was nearing the plant something was looming inside of it.

My music was blasting so I could not hear the silence that had consumed the cicadas and katidids and the entire neighborhood, but I paused my music so I could concentrate on peering through the dark at the bush.

All I could make out was the general shape of the thing, who at the time I assumed was just part of the tree, until the house I was in front of illuminated the bush with its motion censor garage light.

The first thing that caught my attention were the eyes, they reflected a greenish tinted gold in the bright light of the garage, and they were at least 11 feet off of the ground based on the branch I saw next to them.

Then I looked the entire thing up and down from head to toe, everything was so clear in the light I could make out little cockaburs sticking to it’s fur in some spots. It’s head was huge, but not cartoonish, this animal (if you could even call it that) was a carbon copy of a white tail buck, from the coloration to the facial structure. The only things that let you discern it from a deer was the fact that it was standing on its hind legs, it’s antlers looked more like an elks, and it had a mouth full of wolflike teeth, it’s canines protruded 2 inches below it’s upper lip.

It’s body was lean but muscular, definitely not emaciated as most skinwalker or wendigo sightings tend to be, it’s upright shoulders carried two ridiculously long arms that darn near reached it’s knees, with claws at the ends of fingers instead of hooves.

It’s torso was thin but you could see clear muscle definition and the way it slowly breathed as if trying to disguise itself as a statue.

The legs were completely 100% deer, and the fur was the same coloration as a whitetail deer, white underbelly, tail and all. As I was trying to take in what I was looking at i realized that it was now staring DEAD at me its reflective gaze honed in on my 5″4 frame. The creature as it stared at me side stepped out of the bush in its entirety and cockedit’s head as it did so, maybe in simple curiosity or maybe to size me up, either way it scared me shitless.

Then as if deciding whether or not i was worth the effort of killing it stepped back in the bush, for about thirty seconds then delicately moved from the foliage and slowly walked towards the fence of the private property, before clearing the fence with one swing of its legs.

To put this into perspective the chainlink fence is 7 feet tall and it just walked over it without a second thought.

The one thing that unnerved me the most to this very moment was the silent snarl that it wore on its face as we stared at each other. Its black lips were curled up in what seemed like a permanent expression of anger it’s pearly whites glinting in the garage light.

What most people don’t grasp is the fact that a true predator will never make a sound while it hunts, it’s not like Jurassic Park where the T Rex is roaring every two seconds as it chases down the jeeps. If I had not seen it I may have just been eaten, right in the center of my neighborhood, because it never made one sound.

Please I urge you to be careful no matter where you live and be aware of your surroundings because not doing so could cost you your life.

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