The MothMan

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I guess the best place to begin is to explain what I was doing. I was heading to Mexico to visit my grandparents with my mother so that we could drive back to where we live and they could visit us as well in 2014. On the way there I was listening to music and playing a game on my phone as my mom drove the car.

It was around Two A.M. and we had passed the border around twelve. So we were about two hours out from the border. There were no other cars on the narrow road that we were driving down; in addition, it was pitch black besides our headlights.
Now as I was playing JetPack Joyride I began to get a little bored of the song I had on repeat and decided to change the song. I remember that as I find a song I want to show my mom I reach to the dashboard to get the aux cord.

As I grab the aux cord, there is a white dot that I notice out in the sky. Confused by not being able to understand what it is I stare at it quietly. It seems as if even the engine of the car gets toned out because it was like I couldn’t even hear my own breathing.
Staring, I realize that the dot begins to expand horizontally. It looks like a drunk bird trying to fly, struggling to keep itself in the air. It was so white and pale. About eight seconds pass from when I had first noticed it; although, to me it felt like a minute.

The closer the animal got to the vehicle, I could tell that this was no bird. This thing looked like it was made of skin and bone with no feathers at all. The pale white color was probably because of the car’s headlights now that I think about it.

I remember the moment that I finally moved, because it was the moment that it was about to smack right into the car. It unfolded its wings, and in a split second, took one huge flap before narrowly missing the top of our car. The wingspan of this creature was at least twice the width of our car.

I looked at my mom and asked her how she felt. She replied, “I don’t know. I think I just saw something really ugly.” As shivers covered my body and I got goosebumps, I replied me too.

About ten seconds after the creature had passed us, the air began to stench of sulfur. Right as I was going to ask my mom what the smell was, she said “You know demons are supposed to leave the smell of sulfur after having passed people right?” I was terrified.

Once I got to my aunts house where there was internet after visiting my grandma, I looked for pictures of huge pale bats. I soon found images of the MothMan. He was just as pale in the pictures and had no feathers. The same features of having a head that connected to the body with no neck and the pale skin. It was definitely him.

I then saw a picture of a statue that somewhat resembles him. The statue is in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The statue has the arms separated from the wings, and the wings are a little bit longer with holes in them as if they were of an actual moth. All I know is that the statue is monument to all of the witnesses of the MothMan.

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