The Monster of Waldo County Maine

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It was 4 months ago, where I was 16, I turned 17 on October 6. But August 4, 2017, i was going out with a friend of mine named Roger. We are both fatherless. His father committed suicide 17 years ago. Roger is 20 now.

And my father died in November of 2016 of an accidental drug overdose. Roger & I were going out in the woods for a night to do our usual night activities.

Like looking for wounded animals or lost people or something like that. It was my second time in these woods and it was Rogers first time in the woods.

We usually went in the woods in Washington County. We had our flashlights on us. This night we didn’t know, would scar us for life. It was 11:43 P.M. and we were on separate paths.

We had walk-in talkies of course. He went left and I went right.

About a half hour goes in, and I was walking around.

Then, when I had to take a leak, I got jumped due to someone grabbing my left shoulder. It was Roger. He says in utter whispering, “Clif, there is either someone or something about 56 yards away.”

I followed him and we were hiding in a spot it could’nt see us. We were at our quietest, I felt like I died. This thing we saw was a black silhouette. So black, there was nothing darker. It even had long, raggy hair.

Only about 10 inches long. So I took a picture with my iPad mini muted. It didn’t flash, we did not make a move, and it turns around. evil red eyes. We ran right away from there. But then it ran towards us. This figure was almost 10 feet tall. Roger and I were following each other. We were in 9 miles of woods.

When I fell to the ground, I told Roger to keep running until he heard a noise. What I forgot, was I had a revolver that my dad owned. So, this creature came at full speed and I shot it. Straight in the chest it must have hit the lung.

And after that shot, this creature looked at me, and gave out this ear-piercing, shrieking, High-pitch, Blood-curling scream.

And it ran off. Roger came back back to get me out of this mess. Though I weigh 298 lbs and he weighs 168. He picked me up like I was the weight of 40 lbs. when we went in the house, I saw my right leg had snapped off from the knee down.

But thank god I had a gun with me. Or I would never be alive or telling any of you this story.

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