The monster of the Zambezi valley

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This story happened to me about 14 maybe 15 year’s ago,ita burnt into my memory like a scar that won’t ever leave you

I live in Johannesburg south africa,though my hole family comes from Zimbabwe. Once in a while I make the trip uobto visit my uncle,aunt and cousin. We always go to a place called Mana pools, wild life walks around with no fences. Just the other day (this year 2018) a kudu (a type of dear) was killed by wild dogs in a restaurant in the game resurve. It’s a wild place. Any way back to my story.

My cousin and I are pretty ruggerd and not always scared of wild life around us while we in the Bush, the 1at night how ever was a complete diffrent story, the hole time we couldn’t sleep, and kept feeling as if something diffrent was around us,as if something else other than the normal lion or wild dog was in our camp, something was just not right with the world around us,but like we normally do,we just brushed it off as nothing as we didn’t believe in the paranormal.

Thought out our stay we kept fishing,game driveing and walking around looking for wild life around us,having my cousin’s two sons with us,it was good chance to teach them about towing knots and tracking game though the thick of the African Bush.

The day while we were out and about we saw what looked to be the kill of a lion,we didn’t have the kids with us at the time,my cousin Barry said to me “hey,let me go get the kid’s,they have to see this” I said cool and I’ll stay back and make sure nothing comes around. So off he went. As I waited I started putting the time line together in my head recreating what happend in my mind. Something jumped out at me, this is a 700kg sable (also a dear,more like the size of a moose).

I took a closer look at the bite marks and my fears were confirmed,this is no predator that I’ve ever seen.

My cousin was got back with my uncle,as my uncle was showing them what happened we could both see that my uncle saw exactly what I saw,but he just kept playing it off as a really big lion.

When we got back to our camp myself,my uncle and my cosin both stayed back in our truck talking about what we just saw,we all agreed it wasn’t a lion and wasn’t anything we have ever seen and what ever it was,was huge.

That night I camped out in the Hamock with my 375 rifle and a colt 1911(I wasn’t going to let what ever this this was anywhere near us,thats when I noticed there is not a single sound around me,the Bush was dead silent, I sat up and scanned the area around me,something was defently around me,I couldn’t hear it,but I knew it was there just out side of the light of the fire. I say there thinking “what the fuck am I doing,I’m a sitting take away meal in a carry bag”. So i desided to climb higher

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