The monster in my house

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I’m a big gamer on the weekends and I love weed and alcohol I had just smoked 2 joints and was on my 3 bottle of beer and I kept hearing my name shouted by my mums voice from outside so I kept looking out there nothing and I thought that neither of my parents should be home for houses so I thought it was the weed so I ignored it until I fel asleep.

i was in the forest behind my family’s house and there was no noice at all and my the was these masive 8to9 foot things walking towards me in every direction and I got a phone call I answered it and woke up straight away to find out that my phones on my ear ringing I think weird but I answer it and 12:35 and I’m thinking proberly my mum saying we’re leaving now I didn’t look who phoned me but it wasn’t my mum this deep voice said we’re waiting and watching you look out your window and there they were theses 8to9 feet huge monsters looking all at me with there blacked out eyes there was proberly 6 of them 20 feet from my house and then they all walked backward until out of sight I called my mum then said we’re are you get home now and then

i dropped my phone when I remembered one was in my house i looked for about 30mins looking at locks in the house thinking were it could of got in from and were were my animals I told my mum and dad and they didn’t believe me and I told my grandfather and he said oh there harmless ignore them I said they took my dog he said oh yeh they don’t like animals a week after I made my parents stay home just in case I was playing my game when a German Shepard came flying through my window i called the police and m parents in and we moved shortly after and when I packed up in the car leaving I was looking into the woods and saw all of them looking and waving at me like it was a game to them

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What The actual weed? 🤣😂 jk wasn’t all that scary but i kinda got the concept also double check your spellings please cause it just became funny loved it.