The Man on The Road

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It was 11;00 at nite and I was at my fend Trace’s house. I decided that I should head home before my dad got home. My dad liked salsas dancing and wold go dancing late into the nite he usually got home around 12:00. Trace lived in a different neighborhood than me. His neighborhood was connected to mine buy a frontage rode that gave people existing the highway access to our neighborhoods and people from our neighborhoods asses to the highway. 

I began my walk. It was a nice nite and I enjoyed the walk. I was soon on the frontage rode it had a thick woods maybe 10 to 20 feet off the road and had a large hill 1/2 a mile down the rode. That made it to where you could only see cars from 1/2 a mile away. I was looking around win I saw a man on the other side of the highway. He appeared to be looking at me so I continued to stare at him. Win we were parallel to one another he made a mad dash across the highway. There where no cars driving down the frontage rodes but the highway had a few. One of which slammed on its horn nearly hitting him. he was unfazed and continued his sprint towards me.

Seeing this I began to run my self. after a couple of seconds of runing I looked back to see that he was indeed chasing me. My heart sank at this and my run turned into a made dash down the center of the road. Off in the distance I saw lights from a car and as it got closer I slowed standing in the rode and turned around to see my pursuer but no one was there. i sighed and stepped to the side of the road. I began to walk feeling stupid and telling my self I had made it up.

As I was walking I heard the shuffle of feet from behind . I turned around and saw the man. Only now he was less than 20 feet away and runing at me. I was instantly covered in a cold sweat and every time my heart beat it felt as though it was sending razors down my body. My feet where moving so quickly I could barely manage not to trip over them. win I turned into my neighborhood I yelled HELP HELP HELP ME as loud as I could and turned towards the entrance to my neighborhood. To my relief the man did not continue his pursuit into my neighborhood. I looked around and noticed that only one person came out to help me. I looked at him and waved then went home. At lest I got home before my dad did.

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