The man in the woods

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So I don’t know any other way to start this story other than to say it’s very true and I’m still terrifying to this day by the thought of what could have happened, so this story starts like many of my days my dad and I were just driving back from the hardware store in his old pick up truck when we saw a man walking down the long dirt road he was very tall around 6,7 and had bright gold hair and a long gold beard and like my dad does all the time he stoped to give him a ride and he kindly accepted and as soon as he was in the car and we were on our way he offered a bottle of vodka to my dad and weed as well and then offered it to me when my dad refused, my dad leaned over and told him I’m only 17 and not allowed those types of things and we continue to along our way we got down the road about a mile from where he had picked him up and he said this was close enough to his home and that we could drop him off there we figured it was a reasonable request and dropped him there and that’s were things got …weird I started seeing him more and more around town and on our road and I had a strange feeling in my gut that something about him was off then one day he showed up in our driveway and asked my dad if he could get a ride I don’t think much of it at the time so I kinda forgot about it well one day about a month later when I was working in my shop I got the strange feeling I was being watched and so I turned around ,(now I had ear buds in at the time so I didn’t hear the machines) and when I turned around what I saw nearly made me jump out of my skin he was there not but a foot behind me and then he spoke in a thick Russian accent “hello brother is your dad around anywhere?”

I was so startled that It took me around 30 seconds to respond I said no he isn’t here right now ya need something as I reached for a hammer that was on my work bench, he didn’t say a word he just stared at me his eyes like ice and I don’t know how else to describe the look in his eyes other than pure wicked,it was just then he lunged for me and I’m not a big guy so I was thrown into my work bench so I redacted I hut him in the side with the hammer and I felt his rib break under my blow he ran from my shop screaming but I was so scared I couldn’t move. I later found out what he was wanted for two counts of rape in Texas with a 500,000 dollar reward but none of that mattered to me i was just glad i escaped with my life ,and just to think if i didnt have that hammer what may have happened.

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