The man in the woods

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This only happened a few months ago, summer was only starting so the nights were getting lighter, I decided to take my long walks around a park close to my house. I live in a very small town, so it was never busy and you would only find the occasional dog walkers. I liked the peace and quiet.
One time, it was getting late, still light so my mum allowed me to go out for a walk but I had to be back for a certain time. The park had a large woods surrounding it so I would usually explore that, I hardly ran into people but this one night was a terrifying exception.
I decided to go a way that led off the main path deeper into the woods, I’m not actually sure why but it was just a sudden urge of curiosity. I was casually strolling around, enjoying the quiet, until I heard what sounded like whistling, I initially thought it was a bird but the whistling sounded too perfect, it was a familiar song but I couldn’t figure it out. I was extremely stupid and decided to keep walking around, passing it off as just another person walking, although it was extremely uncommon.
It didn’t last long until I heard it again, but this time it was louder and close.
I instantly freaked out and decided to head back, I didn’t think the worst would happen but I did assume it was someone’s pulling a prank.
I paced back but froze dead in my tracks when I saw a man in the treeline, staring at me with dead eyes and the widest smile I’ve seen, he looked insane.
I kind of pretend I didn’t notice him but I did speed up much more, not wanting him to start running.
I heard him moving slowly by the sound of twigs snapping and leaves crunching.
I turned round, he was at a distance meaning he must of stopped following me but he was definitely staring at me.
Stupidly I decided to stay and stare back.
Then he started to run at me, I screamed and ran as fast as I could imagine, I’m not sporty but I didn’t know I could run so fast at this point. Luckily I wasn’t extremely deep into the woods so I was on the main path quickly, I couldn’t hear any more footsteps so I decided to catch my breath, just pacing back home. I was almost out the woods until I heard it, the same whistling, it sounded like it was coming from everywhere. I started to run again and thankfully got home to my extremely worried mum who called the police. I gave a description of the man but they never got back to us, I’m guessing he wasn’t caught but all I can say is, I’m glad I survived, whatever he was planning.

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