The Man in a White Suit…

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This encounter happened to me just a few days ago as of writing this. Let me give you a bit of background. I am 20 year old Minnesota native, and I am also female. This story involves four of my closest friends, all of which have had their names changed for privacy reasons.

My best friend Kaylee moved to Nebraska to be with her boy friend Tommy about two and a half years ago, and they come up several times a year to hang out with myself, and our other close friends, Amanda and Jane. This particular trip Kaylee and Tommy came up to visit us around the 4th of July to visit Kaylee’s birthday. We had been planning this trip for months and had a pretty full agenda, but the bulk of what we were going to be doing was camping, being that we are all pretty outdoorsy growing up in Minnesota, with the exception of Tommy. We had planned to all meet up in Anoka, which is North East of the Twin Cities and spend the night there before starting our trip, being that Jane and Amanda both still live there. Everything goes off without a hitch, Kaylee and Tommy make it up on time, and we all have a great first day together.

The morning of day 2 comes around, and we are planning to go to a small resort in Mora where Amanda’s parents have a cabin, and then after that we planned to make the last leg from Mora to Osakis.

We all swim, and take the boat out, and have an amazing time, completely unaware of what the evening would have in store for us.

We have dinner, say our goodbyes around 9:45pm just as the sun is starting to dip down below the horizon. Kaylee, Tommy and I all pile into Kaylee’s Ford Explorer, affectionately named Copper Shot, and Amanda and Jane pile into their car behind us. This is where our nightmare begins.

After two and a half hours of following Google Maps without any trouble, our navigation suddenly goes haywire. It is sending us down back roads, dirt paths, unmarked trails, literally anything but an actual road. The only one of us being familiar with the area is Kaylee, but she is used to taking the main highways, something we avoided because of the holiday traffic. We are coming up on three hours of nonsense directions and our frustration and fear is starting to reach its boiling point.

Kaylee is directed down another unmarked dirt path that has a very large “Do Not Enter” construction sign on it, though there is no obstruction to indicate why, this is when we’re directed down yet another unmarked path, one that appears to be someone’s driveway. We do as we are told, hoping to find some place to pull of any construct a plan to get out of this mess. As we pull up the driveway, the air in the car thickens, and despite high humidity and 90 degree summer night, I get goosebumps, and a chill overcomes me. Visibly shaken, Kaylee looks back at me, sharing that same feeling of uneasiness, but the drive is much too small to turn around, not to mention there would be no way to indicate to Amanda, still in her car behind us, that she was planning to do so.

We reach the end of the drive and finally we have a clear view of what we’re being brought to; A very old, very decrepit looking church. It’s weathered white boards and wrought iron metal had seen better times, and in the darkness of the night, illuminated only by our headlights, it gave off a vibe that said “Turn around now…”

Before I could even open my mouth to say anything, Kaylee’s car engine began to whine and shutter. Her 4×4 had seen much better days, and they had actually planned to replace it before coming up, but timing just didn’t work out to do so. Amid the car’s protesting, we heard a very loud, very audible “thump” noise. All of us made eye contact, assuming she must have hit a small animal. Tommy exited the car, and made a circle around it, checking for any potential victims on the ground.

At this point, we are maybe about 50 yards from the church’s double door entrance, the front of the building lit only by kaylee’s high beams. Tommy circles back around to the front of the car to check the grill when he stops to listen. His complexion, normally a lovely middle american tan, fades to white as all of the blood drains from his face. He goes over to the drivers side and frantically knocks on Kaylee’s window, a sense of absolute panic overcoming him.

He half yells and half cries into the car.

“There’s MUSIC coming from the church!” he says as he grips the lip of the glass., the window nearly breaking in his grasp.

It was almost as if everything had stopped, the bugs, the birds, the bats, there was almost no sound, except for the faint sound of an organ being played, coming from the church.

I stared out the window at the empty building for what felt like hours. There were no lights on, no candles lit, the building should very well be empty, if not completely abandoned. But the sound poured out from the church, almost as if to intimidate us.

Tommy jumped back into the car, and Kaylee made the risky move of turning around on the narrow path surely getting us stuck if we didn’t make the manuvor.

As she whipped her poor 4×4 around, his whines only slightly audible above the music playing, I never broke my gaise with those doors. Something deep in my gut knew that something, or someone was going to burst out of them at any moment.

Kaylee whipped that poor car around and Amanda followed behind. Tommy got out to go speak with Jane on the passenger side of Amanda’s car when it finally happened.

At this point the music was nearly deafening, and through the dark and haze of the evening I saw it. The doors, slowly, and deliberately opening. It was happening so slowly I wasn’t entirely sure anything was happening at all, until they slammed open. The “thwack” noise of the metal handle hitting the aging wood so loud Kaylee and I heard it from within the car.

Tommy was walking back to our car, and I felt the sweat drip on my face, beading down anxiously. I managed to choke out a whisper “Guys… We should go… NOW!”

Tommy got back in the car and saw the expression on my face, but I refused to break eye contact with the figure standing in the now op4en doorway.

A man, probably around 6 foot 3 stood in the doorway, wearing an all white suit. White coat tail jacket, white vest, white pants, white shirt, shoes, hat, and what I assumed was some form of melee weapon perched in his hands. His face obscured by the shadows of the night, but I could just feel his eyes locked on us with a certain type of hate.

At first he walked slowly, with intent, never looking anywhere but right at us. I felt my entire body start to shake, and I could see the horror form on Amanda and Jane’s face’s as they saw him approach in the rear view mirror.

I wanted to scream, but all I could do was sit in silence.

I realized amid all of my terror, that something was wrong. The music, it was still playing. Meaning that there was more of them, he wasn’t alone.
His slow deliberate pace turned into a full sprint with no notice, and at last the scream in my throat escaped as he was a mere 15 feet from Amanda’s car.

Kaylee stepped on the gas, and Copper Shot whined under the suddenly changing conditions, and that cliche horror movie moment felt like it was going to last forever, but fortunately, just as he approached Amanda’s back window, Kaylee’s car threw itself into gear and sped down the drive, almost hitting the dense treeline.

We cleared about two miles in two minutes, my heart pounding every second of the way. From what I could tell, he followed us in chase for about 500 feet and then stopped, but from what I could tell, he didn’t turn back around, at least not while he was still in view.

We eventually pulled off to the side, and flagged down Amanda, who was going almost double what we were in speed. We all got out of the car and stood in silence.

Tommy was the first to speak up, but before he could utter a single word, Kaylee cut him off, still very shaken by the whole ordeal.

We eventually figured out a plan to get back home, and though it was a lot of backtracking, we did eventually make it to Osakis.

When we arrived to the campground three hours later than planned, all of our friends were worried sick, but none of us really wanted to, or really even could speak of what had just happened. Amanda finally spoke up and said that we had just gotten turned around. Eventually we all set up for the night and went to bed, not speaking about it again.

The next morning was fairly uneventful, and the entire day passed without us speaking of the incident.

We had originally planned to go to a small family owned amusement park up near Osakis in the evening, and we followed through with that plan. We all piled into the car, and made our way there, again without any issue.

We purchased our tickets for go-karts, and mini gold and the like, all the fun theme park activities one does.

As we finished up our game of mini gold, I had to use the restroom, and so I left the others behind as I went into the main building to use the bathroom. As I waited in line for my turn to use the single stall bathroom, I overheard two to the employees of the park talking to one another, and the topic piqued my interest.

The two young ladies were speaking of some cult activity that had been reported in the local area, and that the officer who helped do security in the park had mentioned it to her saying that they think this group was doing human sacrifices. Immediately, the previous night popped into my mind, shaking my all over again. I continued to eavesdrop the two girls, and that’s when my heart stopped. The first girl mentioned that this group had been sighted only a few times, but every time they were seen, they were all wearing all white attire.

I felt my stomach drop, this only affirming what we saw last night. I wanted to run up and ask the girls about the group, but before I could Jane came into the building and pulled me aside letting me know it was time to go.

The entire situation was very eerie, and made it incredibly hard to sleep, but the lingering thought was nothing more than scary until I confronted Kaylee about the situation on our drive home.

Kaylee had agreed to drive me home back to the Cities, and during the trip back down I asked her what she thought about what we saw, me not mentioning what I had overheard between the two girls.

Kaylee mentioned that in the bible (we’re both agnostic pagans by the way), that it mentions that Lucifer will return to Earth wearing all white to exact vengeance, and that she felt like it was a bit too big of a coincidence that our attacker was wearing all white. After the reports of cult activity, and that revelation, it was solidified for me.

I don’t know what that guy had in store for us, but I am just glad we got out in one piece. So, creepy cult leader in northern Minnesota, let’s not meet again…

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