The Man At The Gas Station

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To start off, when I was 16 I lived in a fairly small town. The town was small enough to easily walk to one end of the town to another within 30 to 40 minutes. There wasn’t much to do on a Saturday night during this hot summer and when a close friend of mine called to say a few bands was playing, I jumped at the chance to do something.

I quickly got ready and walked to meet her at a gas station across town for some fine gas station food before the show. During the walk I had my headphones in but I couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched. I would stop to look around but no one was around.

Once I got to the gas station, let’s call her Maggie, was waiting inside.

I went inside and told her around the odd feeling I had walking over. I tried to shake it off as we grabbed soda, chips and some wonderful hot dogs. When we walked up to get our hot dogs a tall man was standing over in the area with a hoodie on. Which struck me as odd as it was summer and in the mid 80’s around this time. He smiled at us and asked

“What are you two doing tonight?”

“Oh you know teenage stuff” Maggie replied

The man then replied

“Oh how old are you girls?”

“16, why?” I stupidly asked

“Oh man, too bad you girls aren’t older. There’s a party going on but I still might be able to get you in, do you wanna come?”

“No thanks” Maggie replied

“That’s too bad, you two look nice tonight” he ask in a low voice and walked away.

We watched him pay for his items and leave. Feeling creeped out, we waited around for 10 minutes, paid for our food and left. We walked to where the bands were playing, which was pretty packed. We watched the shows until they finished by this time the sun had set and it was dark. Maggie decided to stay the night so we started walking back to my house.

We got back to my house and settled in for the night. I put in a dvd and we went to bed.

A few hours later I heard movement which woke me up. There was a dark figure standing outside of my window, trying to take off the screen. I screamed the loudest I had ever in my life but I just sat there frozen in fear. Maggie woke up and shaked me to move. As I finally snapped out of it Maggie dragged me out of my room.

As we left the room I remember seeing the man smiling.

Once out of my room, I saw my mom running toward asking us “what is wrong”. We explained as quick as we could what was happening. We all locked ourselves in her room as she dialed to called the police. The house was silent, it only took 5 minutes but it seemed like a life time.

The police came to find the man had fled and a hole in my screen window. The worse part is that he had left behind a knife.

Needless to stay, we moved shortly after this happen. Before moving, flowers where left at my front door with a note “I hope we meet again”. I never saw the man again. I graduated at 17 and moved across country shortly after.

Even though it was 15 years ago, I still find myself locking my doors and windows and then double checking.

To the man at my window, I hope we never met again.

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