The man across the street

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I’m sharing this story with you all because no one else seems to believe me. Before I get into the story I feel I should let you know what I do. I work at a donut shop one that requires me to be up at 4am every morning, sometimes earlier if needed. I’m always the first one there and also the only one there in the entire plaza where we’re located. Waking up so early and being completely alone doesn’t bother me much I usually put my headphones on and listen to music until the manager shows up.
I do admit there are times I feel as if I’m being watched or stalked and I’m always in fear a burglar could break in and rob the store. But luckily for me none of that has happed but one thing that has happened to really freak me out was this incident. It was a normal day I woke up at 4am got in my car went to work and put my headphones in. Nothing out of the ordinary.
But I remember while working I for some reason looked outside the windows that are infront of the shop and I saw the figure of a man right across the street. Almost as if he was looking at me or looking at the shop.
I quickly brushed it off and said to myself he’s probably waiting for the bus since he was standing next to a sign and I kept on working. The next day it was the same thing nothing out of the ordinary but I decided to look outside again and there again I saw the man. It did freak me out but I kept telling myself he’s waiting for the bus that’s all it is.
It wasn’t until last week that I drove past my job and got a quick look at the sign the man would stand next too. The “bus stop” sign he stood next too was actually a yeild ahead sign. Immediately my heart sank as i thought to myself. If this man isn’t waiting for the bus then what is he doing up so early? What does he want? So many questions that had no answers and that’s what scared me the most.
I went to work the next day nervously knowing now the sign wasn’t a stop sign and not knowing what this man was doing then. Luckily I didn’t see the man that day. But once the manager walked in I told her about it she was quick to tell me it’s because I work an early shift and an probably hallucinating. I honestly want to believe that but i know deep down I wasn’t hallucinating and there’s a man or something just standing across the street
At the time of me sharing this it’s been 3 weeks and so far I haven’t seen the man. I refuse to believe I was just tired that I thought I saw something I know what i saw and no one at work believes me about it. I share this with you all because I know I’m not the only one who’s seen things or expirenced things at work when we’re by ourselves. Too all you who’ve expirenced anything at all and your co workers and boss don’t believe you just know that i believe you. Stay safe out there everyone and thank you for reading my story.

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