The Loch lomond demon

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For a bit of backstory, my family owns a small cottage on the shores of Loch Lomond in Scotland. Its a small dry stone cottage with a thatched roof , and was supposedly built at the end of the 1800s. Our favourite thing to do in the winter months is drive the three hours up there and sit in front of the fire and relax, but I dont think after what happened last time I went I’ll ever be able to sleep there in peace.

It was February 2018, the ‘beast from the east’ had been wreaking havoc on the whole of the UK for weeks, and snow was everywhere by the time we reached the cottage. The shores of the Loch were slightly frozen but it wasn’t cold enough yet for all the waters to freeze over.

Having been in the cottage for a few hours the darkness had completely enveloped the shore and a fine mist sat upon the icy waters of the Loch.
My little brother wanted to go out and run around in the thick snow that was falling from the dark sky, so my mum made me go and make sure he didnt fall in the waters or get into any trouble.

We wrapped up warm and went out into the biting air, the snow was falling thick and fast now, the once fine fog had thickened to the point where seeing five feet in front of you was not an easy task. One thing led to another and we ended up thowing snow and ice at each other, and in an attempt to escape my ruthless snow balls, my brother ran out into the thick fog . I called for him to come back , with no response. Then i felt a snowball hit me in the chest.
“You cheeky sod!” i shouted at him before racing into the fog after him.

“Im coming Sam!” i called , until i felt my shoes fill with cold water. Before i realised it my whole foot was submerged, and my brother was nowhere to be seen. Then- another snowball hit me in the head, and another , and another with the strength of no 8 year old. I wiped the snow from my eyes and opened them to see two glowing red eyes 2 feet in front of me , a dark black silhouette with a circular mouth and pointed teeth stared back at me . The things mouth opened to an impossible size . I screamed and sprinted back to the cottage, slipping and smacking my knees as i went. I threw open the wooden door to see my whole family sat around the fire, my brother had been home since i lost sight of him.

To this day i have no idea what the hell i saw , but i hope i never meet it again. February isn’t far away, after all.

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