The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Dead

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While I was walking around through the land of Hyrule, I noticed that there was a certain area of the game, not like any other area, it was further south-east than Faron Woods. So when I walked to that certain area, I fell through the floor into another area, but I was still falling. What happened in the next few minutes will forever haunt me.

I stopped falling, and I had 1/4 of a heart. But, when I kept on walking, I saw a statue of Link with Shadow Link, not as a statue, and I didn’t want any of it, so I reloaded my last save file.

When I did, the screen said “YOU CAN’T ESCAPE!” So at that point I closed out of the game and burned the game card, it was completely fine, but the game card said “Breath of the Dead” instead of “Breath of the Wild” so I was really freaking out, but something must’ve taken over my body, because I put the game card back in the Switch and started playing, when I hit Load Game, all the save files were named “?̸̩̽e̴͚͊n̶̲̭̉͆o̷̰̪̕͘d̵̛̹̉ ̴͍̅̊ë̵̪́v̴̗̿a̵̭̩̍͝h̵͔̔ ̷̱͉̽͊u̷̗̒́ô̷̠y̵̙͉̆ ̷͖̊t̴̡͇̔a̵̰̠͒h̷̨͒ẅ̷̞͍́ ̷̜̇̑w̵̲͉̆͛ŏ̶̝̞n̶̞̪̈́k̶̖̎͛ ̵͉͕̔̓ũ̸͕̣o̶͎̿͛y̵̞͆ ̴̱̪̾̆o̴̺̕D̷̤́͌” Which I loaded up the most current one.

Shadow Link and the statue were gone, but there were a lot of hanging characters, all of them were Links, from different games, Link to the Past, Twilight Princess, Triforce Heroes, Majora’s Mask, A Link Between Worlds, Ocarina of Time, even Breath of the Wild, but that Link was still alive.

When I walked to the hanging corpses, and the Link from Breath of the Wild had the Master Sword in his chest and a sign below the corpse reading “You can press A to end it all” then when the menu closed, there was a rope in the shape of a noose, the other Breath of the Wild Link was gone, and there were two button options; A to kill myself, or B to keep on living in torment.

I pressed A, but what really got me the most was that when I stuck the Master Sword into my chest, I sliced it down to my stomach. But right after that, I hung myself and the rope went up to the same level as all the other Links.

After a few seconds, I saw another Link come down, it was another Breath of the Wild player.

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