The last night alone

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I just recently moved to Arizona. Being someone who is a Christian, I’ve never once believed in something that couldn’t be caught using modern technology. Saying that it’s 2018 and I believe that if we wanted to find something- we would find it.

I was told never to repeat the word Skinwalker out loud. According to lore, Skinwalkers can hear them being called up to 200 miles away. Sounds ridiculous. But hear me out.

It was the Eve of Christmas Eve, 2018.
My friends and I live in Payson Arizona and we went out north of town about 5-6 miles onto a trail out into an area secluded from the rest of the town. It was quite cold that night. I was layered up pretty well. We were all set on building a bonfire and having a few drinks.

I felt uneasy the whole drive up there. I’m a fan of nature. I’ve never been scared of the dark or being away from people, but that night made me feel very weird. It was eerie.
I was setting up the fire but the whole time I felt I was being watched. Granted, there were several of my friends around me, that’s not what I meant. I was being watched. By something in the distance.

But first, let me take this back a couple of weeks.

It was a day or two before thanks giving. We ventured out to the same area to have a bonfire and to drink. I didn’t drink at all that night keep in mind.

I was curious to what the area around us was like, so while attaining firewood I decided to go on a stroll past the bonfire just to see what I was up against. Before I could even make it out of the area, I noticed something moving behind a tree. I asked if people were commonly up here and no one answered me, they kept drinking.

My eyes did not leave that figure. Standing behind a decent sized tree I could tell it was bobbing its head back and forth like a buoy in the water. I kept thinking, “man whoever this is is stupid”.

I wanted to call out to it, but as soon as I opened my mouth I couldn’t speak. I felt weird. Then whatever this was shot out from behind the tree running into the distance.

I immediately fell on my ass, started back peddling back on the dirt, scraping and cutting my hand as I do it. Everyone around the fire noticed me fall and started to laugh and thought I was just drunk.

I managed to get up and asked “did you guys not see that??” They looked at me like I was stupid.

For the rest of the night I felt on edge. Always staying near the fire.

Now back to December 23rd,

Usually I don’t drink. I’m not a fan of alcohol but tonight I decided to let loose and drink a couple of drinks. Captain Morgan Rum was my go to. I was having a good time, we were all singing just letting loose. What I experienced weeks before wasn’t on my mind at all. It was a good night.

I got up to go take a leak and I walked past the truck about 300ft out near a big rock to piss. I could hear everyone back at the fire conversing, having a good time.

I then heard my friend Corbin, say my name. I was tipsy I won’t lie, but I wasn’t drunk to not make out what’s real and what’s not.

I told him to hold on that I was peeing and he became very persistent, telling me that I needed to see this immediately. I thought to myself that it was weird how quick he was able to move around the rock without me seeing him. So i zipped up and stumbled my way behind the rock.

When I tell you guys this, I mean it from the bottom of my heart, that whatever I saw. Wasn’t my friend.

It took my mind a minute to figure out that it wasn’t Corbin. I’m glad I stopped and didn’t continue to walk towards it. It was a clear night. Full moon up above, not a cloud in sight. Whatever I saw, the moonlight radiated it.

It was on all fours, at first looking like a dog, but I saw it’s eyes and when I made eye contact, it stood up. Whatever it was had to have been at least 6 1/2-7ft tall. I took a step back and I saw it’s eyes clearly from the light of the moon.

I began to sob. As I said, i am a Christian. Heavily believe in God, and what I saw, I thought it was the devil himself.

I started to cry and I backed up. But every time I took a step back, it took a step forward. I wanted to call out or scream or do something but I was so terrified that i didn’t want to be taken or worse, killed right there. So I dropped to my knees and started to pray.

Apparently it didn’t like that and it let out what sounded like someone signing very loudly but had water in their lungs while they did it. At this point my eyes were closed and I was sobbing uncontrollably, praying for God to save me. I heard it crunch on foliage while it made its way back into the woods.

I sat there crying and I got the courage to get up and run back to the fire. I fell about 20ft by one of the trucks and started crawling. At this point I was screaming telling everyone to leave and what I saw. They were all over me clearly worried, but at the same time thinking I was drunk. I know I was.

I have never once hallucinated while drinking. I know what I saw. I was so petrified I believe I had a small seizure and that instantly spooked everyone into leaving. My friend Corbin as well as others kept trying to get me into the car. I was still screaming freaking out. Telling them what I saw and they put out the fire and proceeded to gather their things. The whole time this was happening and everyone was scrambling to their vehicles, I never broke contact from where I saw it. It was standing by the rock not even 20 yards from where everyone was at.

I was to the point to everything after that was a blur because i was so horrified, but I could’ve sworn I saw it smile and wink at me. That was the last time I saw it.

Whatever it was, it clearly did not like me.

Days after, I was being harassed on Snapchat, ridiculed by those who were there, calling me crazy. All, but two people. They messaged me saying they believe me and that they saw something running in the trees after my initial scream.

I managed to draw it, but sadly I can’t post pictures on here.

Guys, I know it’s fucking ridiculous and if it were me reading this and not writing it, I would call you crazy.

But I saw what I saw. Do not make fun of the things you don’t understand. And definitely do not take things we know nothing about as a joke. Especially what I believe was a Skinwalker.

That was the last time, that I, would ever be going out on that trail, or anywhere alone around here at night, ever again.

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