The Jackal Man

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This happened to me when I was about ten, and it has remained in the back of my mind and in my dreams for years. I honestly don’t even know what the creature was, just that he seemed particularly interest in me. Here’s the story.

When I was ten I often spent time in my bedroom, reading, setting toys up in different things, usually all in front of the window that looked out onto our front lawn. I liked keeping it open because let’s face it, I was a nosy kid. I liked watching the neighbors and even the animals like squirrels and birds go about their daily routines. It was a pretty big window, there was a screen between the glass and outside I guess to keep people from breaking in or in our case the cats from jumping outside. This particular day I was sitting in front of it, reading and every once in awhile being a little people watcher.

Then I felt something looking back.

I looked up and he was just standing there, hunched over staring at me, he had the body of a man, and his head reminded me of a jackal, a twisted Anubis who just watched me with this sinister interested look on his face. I remember his ears being severely pointed and sticking up on alert, he turned his head to the side like a dog would do when interested in something. I couldn’t move, I just stared back, frozen in fear, at this thing that stood in my window and watched me. It had what I can only call a sneer on its face, and it stared for awhile before turning and lumbering off around the corner of my house into the wooded lot next door.

Once I shook off the fear I ended up running out the front door, looking to see where it went, it was as if he just disappeared.

After that I never left that window open, I kept the blinds closed and to this day they stay closed, along with a black out curtain. I still don’t know what or who he was, just that he was very real and had this predatory air about him as if the glass wasn’t between us I wouldn’t be here today to tell the story.

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