The Illusion

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The Illusion

It was about 5 years ago, as far as I can remember. I lived with my Mother and sister in a small town called Lead hill, Arkansas. We lived in a house somewhere I don’t know exactly where in the town but all I can remember is living somewhere close to the forest. The Forest was right Behind my house and was pretty large.
I didn’t go into the forest because I was afraid of getting lost, even though I am a big explorer.
Every day my mom makes bacon and eggs for breakfast, then we head off to school. I was in the 7th Grade and was pretty good in my lessons. I mostly had A’s in my classes, I was pretty popular in school too.
The town was peaceful and nothing really happened. Since I was 14 I had a car.
One night I was driving home from school, I had after school so I come home at around 6 pm. Pretty late if you tell me. I was think I was half way from home, then I started to feel weird. When I felt this feeling my car stopped suddenly. I got out of the car to see what was wrong. Opening the hood to the front of the car, I start searching for the problem. I was confused to see that there was nothing wrong nor damaged on the engin.
“This is madness!” I thought to myself.
I got out my phone and tried to called my mom.
I quietly spoke “ Pick up Mom.”
A few seconds past it felt like forever. My mom didn’t answer. I hanged up and checked why she did not pick up. I found out that there was no signal. I decided to walk to the closest house for help or for some signal.
I saw this old house with a light on, so I headed to the house to see if anyone was home. As I walk up to the house the feeling was getting larger, I walked up to the door and regretted knocking.
After awhile, I decide to go on to the next house. As I leave the porch of the house I heard something slowly start to open. I turn around to find that the door has opened on it’s own. I started to get scared but my curiosity got the good of me. I walk into the house and searched around to see if anyone was there. The lights were off so it was hard to see, but was not enough to not see where I am walking. So I started to go around the first floor. I went to the living room, kitchen, the hallway, and the bathroom that was the last door on the right down the hallway. What was really bothering me is that everything was covered in dust, in fact everything looked like nothing was touched for many years.
But I decided to not think about it for any longer, my head was killing me. I started to head up stairs. At this point the feeling was all over my body. I got to the second floor, and found myself looking down a dark hallway. There were about 4 doors in total, and on of those doors had the light that I saw outside. I went into one of the doors before I went into the lighted up room. The room I went into had to be the master bedroom, it had a king size bed and a great dresser.

I went out of the room and headed to the lighted up room. I open the door slowly to see if anyone was in there. It was a little kids room, by the looks of it it was a girl’s room. I walked in and looked around, “ why would the light be on in this old house? Is the power even connected?” I said confused. I go to a bookcase and read one of the books that were there. “Shy” was one of the book I saw on the shelf. Halfway in the book the light went out. I got up scared for my life for a second.
“What the…” I said
As I was calming myself down then the lights started to flicker like what you would see in a party.
I heard something behind me, I look from the back and saw for about two seconds a small figure. At the moment I saw this, I ran out and headed to my car.
“Please start!” I yell scaredly.
The car started, at that time I felt the great releaf. Then I drove home and told my mom what happened. Of course she did not believe me but I thought It was just a illusion. I did have a condition of hulutionating after some time.
Many nights I had nightmares of what I saw in the house, the black figure, the stuff that has not been touched for years.
One night I awoke from my sleep from a strange voice that came from the other side of my door. I got up to see if it was my sister or mother. As I got to the door the voice stop and was there was a dark eerie silence. I decided to see what it was and went into the hallway seeing that there was no one there, the voice started up again but was moving this time so I followed it outside. It headed to the forest, But I did not realize until I found myself lost in the forest.
To make you realize how serious this was is that the time then was 11:30 pm. And I said that I never entered the forest so I don’t know the forest.
It’s been now a hour since I got lost, and still can not find my way out.
I remembered the voice and was now wondering who it was. Then I heard a noise of a cracking of a stick. I turn to the left to see the figure again, but this time I see what it looked like.
It was a little girl with black hair, a torn up dress, and a red bow on the back of the head. But why I was scare is because of her mouth. Really there was no mouth, the bottom jaw was torn off completely.
I yell “What do you want!”
But she did not answer. After one minute she started to move closer. I tried to back away but fell finding out that I was corned on a tree. She crouched down to my face and said.
“This is not an illusion.”
“What?” I questioned.
I was scared to where I could run for miles.
Then she whispered crying “Everything hurts, help.”
A dark cloud appeared and when the cloud was done she disappeared.
I found my way back to my house, and I did not tell my mom what happened last night and who was there.
I went to the library to find out who that girl was. I have been searching for a day and found her in a crime book.
It said
“the smiths
Aya smith and mother Mai was found dead in aya’s room after a fire accord in their house the father is convicted of murder of the 8 year old girl. He is now sentenced for life in prison.”
And a picture of the girl I saw was shown on the bottom of the page.
Why would the Father kill his wife and daughter. I had many Questions to ask.
I am 19 years old now and go to the collage of Arkansas, Fayetteville University.
One thing I think of all the time is, was it just an illusion or was it real?

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