The house that should’ve burned

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The house that should have burnt.

My mother had gotten pregnant when she was 16 with my father and gave birth to their 1st child, my older sister Ariel. They had gotten married soon after and then I was born. We had lived in a small cozy house for a short while before my mom had gotten pregnant again, this time with my little brother Christian.

It’s a blur to me whether my younger brother was born at this time or after but we movies into a larger house. Anyway, my parents had found this three bedroom house with two bathrooms and had been built in 1927.

Growing up I suffered with a type of selective mute/ communication skills. I didn’t speak or talk to anybody even though I possessed the ability to. The only person I’d talk to was my sister. But even then communication consisted of me not being able to speak loudly or only use slang for certain words. For example : dog would be “trish” or a lamp would be “krit” and other times just a mumble or sounds.

Being so young and already a mother my mom had to be a stay at home mom and watch over a trio of wild children, wreaking havoc on everything. It got worse after we all learned how to walk.

Anyway enough of background information and on to the horror. When they moved into the house that had been informed that some flooding had happened in the basement and that pass owners had left their belongings there. And boy they weren’t lying. One of the few things my father had found in there were a painting of lady that someone actually did and not some printer machine. Anyway there was a lot of shady shit like down there like chains and Claw marks on the cement walls by that’s so another day.

My mom was always busy, cleaning and cooking for us. One day my mom had been downstairs with my father, watching movies in the living room after a long day. That was when she felt like someone had been watching her. She looked around the room and that was when she saw a small child peaking their head past a corner and watching them. She was somewhat annoyed and exhausted and asked my dad to put me back to bed.

My dad went upstairs and I was long asleep in their bed. My dad even recalled that the bedroom door had been closed and at that time I didn’t know how to open doors.

Sometimes when we’d be inside the house my mom would see shadow people and when this happened the house would smell like smoke or something burning.

My mom was probably the most intuitive in our family besides me. My mom would later be plagued with dreams occasionally of a women locking a child in the house as it burnt down.

She would never tell me or my siblings this to not frighten us but she’d tell my dad.

There was another time when my mom as watching Disney movies with my sister and me when she heard footsteps coming up and down the stairs. She’d investigate and hear child’s giggling. Terrified my mother forbid us to be upstairs or in our rooms during the day and to go play outside.

So we did.

My mom ran all around the house taking care of us all so you knew she had little free time to herself. As we all got older we started sleeping in and enjoying our sleep.
She would sometimes wake up, and hear small footsteps trampling about the wooden floors and come out and find all of us asleep and smell something burning.

There is this one memory I have. I heard in the middle of the night someone telling me to come out and play.

I thought it was Ariel and that she was being sneaky staying up late. I walked out to the stair case we had and saw someone else. It was a little girl with pigtails and a yellow dress. She kept laughing happily and I was confused as of how she had gotten into our house. So I stood there watching run up and down the stairs happily to herself. I couldn’t talked to her considering my condition.

But it was all soon over. My parents ran out of their room, scared that I’d fall down the stairs and yanked me away from the stair case. The little girl ran down the stairs laughing. I remember my mom running down the stairs to find the little girl but came out with nothing. I was like 3 and my mom wanted answers but I verbally couldn’t produce any.

A few years passed and my younger brother Christian was growing up. My parents gave him his own bedroom since he was the only boy in our family and he was old enough to not need a crib.

At least that’s what we thought. He’s still crawl into my bed or my sisters and when we’d ask him he always say “it’s scary in there.” Me and my sister would always tease him for being a scaredy-cat and get angry cause he had his own room whilst me and my sister had to share one.

One night he crawled into my bed and I was so over it. “Christian You’re so annoying!” I remember kicking my brother in the stomach and heading to his room. Hell I was going to sleep in his bed because I preferred the coldness or sleeping by myself.

I remember walking down the creaky wooden floors and trying to be quiet to not wake my parents up and I was shivering. I was not prepared for what happened next.

Right before I stepped into the room I remember seeing this giant dark Smokey mass just floating above my brother’s bed. At first I was confused and thought ‘Is something burning in here?’ I squinted my eyes through the darkness and realized that someone was laying in my brothers bed. The whole room wreaked if smoke. I was about to run to my parents room when the door just slammed right in front of me, jamming the door knob in the process.

My dad marched out of his room absolutely pissed cause my ass was wide awake when I should of been asleep.

I remember telling my dad I smelt smoke from Christian’s room and that I saw a man lying in his bed. My dad took this pretty serious so he went back to his room and got an object or something. I can’t recall but I know it wasn’t a bat. Anyway my mom was awake at his point and I remember her pushing me into my bedroom with both of my sleeping siblings and waiting there.

I remember being so scared for a few minutes as I heard my dad struggling to opened the door. My mom didn’t really care because she was half awake at the time and was only thinking about her bed.

My dad came into our room after 5 minutes.

He said that there were handprints on the glass window near my brothers bed and that it did smell like smoke but there was nothing burning. He blamed it on the ac but he was still really concerned about the handprints on the window because that couldnt have belongs to any of us.

First off my siblings and I were between 4-8 and we where all small. My dad had small chunky hands so they weren’t his bad my mom had these long but slender hands. These hand prints where huge we’re larger than my mom’s.

Jsut another important detail to make it more clear the hand prints were from inside the house, not outside.

After the incident my parents scraped it off to me being imaginative and half awake. So I was sent off to bed.

Years passed and I had forgotten all about this until a few weeks ago when me and my friend were celebrating halloween and exchanging scary stories.

Finally I’m going to end the story with this.

My mom had gotten pregnant again and this time with my youngest sibling. My dad and her decided to move to north Texas and find a larger house.

As she was going over the history of the house she had read that it had experienced a house fire during the 50’s and that at least 25% of the house had been torn down because of damage and that it had taken the lives of two people. A child and a women.

I know much more incidents liek that occurred and I wish I could ask my mother but in mid 2011 she passed from cancer.

Also by Stargazing_at_hentai

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