The House I Live In

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This story has about three parts in it all related to each other over time that lead me to think my house is haunted. So for a back story I live on the coast in the middle of about 13 acres of woods we own and about 27 more acres surround us all around our property as well with few people live close by. Ever since I was a kid, I liked spells and magic so I would play with that type of thing. Nothing happened I think but these stories make me question that.

So this first part is from when I was about 5 or so and I still remember it so well it scares even me. On night I had gotten in trouble with my parents for sassing off to them and sent me to my room. It was dark out when I was tossing a clear, sparkly plastic Cinderella shoe around the room. I accidentally tossed it onto the floor and it toppled to the floor of my closet.

I got up out of bed and picked the shoe up but when I stood back up my eyes locked with a young woman with shoulder length fawn-colored hair and green eyes. As for what she wore, I forgot; but I do know it was shorts and a top with a jacket tossed carelessly across her shoulders and she was pale and had a burn marks on her left arm and right leg. She looked at me and I looked at her.

Then, she walked into one wall toward the hallway and then she turned back around and walked back into my closet and walked back through the other wall outside.

After that I saw every night for many weeks and I had called her ‘my ghost friend’ or ‘Meg’ as I got older. After about 2 years of telling people about her, no one would listen and people began telling me I was insane so I stopped talking about it and kind of forgot about her and my stories. Well, I did not ‘forget’ exactly. I just stopped thinking about it.

For the second part was from about a fear ago. One night, our neighbors (the closest people to us, about 1/4 of a mile from us) were having a big party that night and the noise was so loud that even from as far apart as we were; we could still hear them. I am a heavy sleeper but it was just loud enough to keep me from sleeping.

So instead of sleeping I laid down for about an hour staring holes rom concentration into my ceiling above me. Then, at about 11 pm they had shut off the music playing something other than loud, rap music and played something a little softer and I ended up falling asleep at some point.

Then at about 2am the music once again got loud as it played one last song that sounded like thunder right over us it was so loud. So it once again got silent but I laid there for what felt like hours trying to sleep but I could not fall asleep. I wondered if maybe I had to pee which is usually why I can’t sleep sometimes.

I pushed my pelvis with one finger to try and see if I needed to pee and found I did so I got up. I climbed down from my bunk bed’s top bunk and walked into my living room right by my bedroom door. I walked to the bathroom by the beginning of my hallway. I went to the bathroom in the dark since I knew my house from living in it for 5 years nonstop since our family liked to move around from house to house but always had this one to go to as well.
The was leaving the bathroom when I heard a low, inhuman growl that was almost like it was wisped away in wind even though it was indoors. I froze in fear and looked around the living room before me. My eyes then landed on a black aura in the far corner were a feeling of hate and anger filled my head. I can feel auras and see spirits so I was usually used to this but when the thing’s hate filled the room, I got a little scared. The atmosphere thickened like glue and the weight pushed down on every inch of my soul and being.

It got closer as the black aura grew and then only the sound of growling and shaggy breathing made me run into my room as fast as I could even though it was only a like 2 or 3 meters away from me and i slammed my wooden bedroom door, jumped into bed, and did my best to create positive energy to keep it out.

The 3erd part was just about 4 days ago; I shower usually every other day and so one night my shower time came so I brought my echo into my bathroom and put on my Pandora station on and sung to the songs while in the shower. I had just put the shampoo into my hair when the song was trancefuring to the next song when I heard a whistle. It was foggy but very clear.

I stopped and peeled back the curtains and yelled to my mom asking her if she was trying to prank me. No answer. I asked my brother the same thing. No answer. I asked if anyone was there. Still no answer. So I got back into the water and finished my shower quickly.

I grabbed my echo and ran out into my living room and into the kition with a reddish towel tied around my chest and went down to my upper thighs. I asked my mother about it and she said she did not even go in there because she was making some banana bread for us all to eat and my brother was asleep upstairs.

Then I sat down on the corner of the counter and told my mom about it. My mom found it odd that my usually 30 minute showers was cut down to less than 7 minutes. Then, my dad (who was traveling for work purposes up north near New York), called up and was telling us his brother who was with him was just telling him about his experience with a ghost on our house a few years ago.

Basically, my uncle Mike had went to our house while we were in New Orleans and took his friend with him as they were coming down to see my grandmother and uncle Mike’s mother. It was late that night and Mike’s friend had got up to go to the restroom. Then, as he was entering the backroom, he heard a women’s voice behind him that said: “when are you going to leave”.

He froze and turned around and woke Mike and told him he could not stay so he left my house and WILL NOT come back inside to this day.

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