The Haunted House

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This story is from the prospective of my aunt.My aunt still lives till this day in the house where many people have experienced their nightmares.When she first moved into the house she had a sensation that something was wrong.The first event she experienced was when she was praying one night and as soon as she finished she felt as if someone or something was choking her.At the same time a pen flew across the room. She was panicked as soon as it was over ,but she couldn’t do anything about that was the only place they had to live.

Another occasion was when my uncle stay the night.He was trying to sleep, when out of nowhere he was being wrapped around with a blanket and could hardly breathe.He stayed for one more and this time he said he was sleeping when he heard someone trying to look for something in the dark. He told whatever it was to just turn on the light, when heard nothing but silence he thought it was strang so he turned the light on, and there was nothing at all.

The most terrifying experience was when somehow the house was connected to a witch. The witch gifted her some boots, which she had cursed meant for them to break her legs.The same witch came one night and it was the darkest night. My aunt saw her outside through the window, big mistake. She saw how the witch stomped her feet and she could her stomping on the roof as if there were elephants running on the roof. Then there cane the scratches on the walls. All the she could see was the dust that the invisible hands created with the scratches. As all of this happened she ran to a room and locked the door. In that room there was a big mirror in which hand prints appeared randomly across it. All she could hear was scratches inside and outside the house , and painful screams the witch made outside the house.

After the occurring she found ou that the witch could shapeshift into animals, and that she was responsible for feeling pain when wearing those boots. She threw them away and confronted the witch. The witch told that she could not have everything in this life. Years passed, and my sister visited my aunt. That night she was taking a shower ,she looked up to get her towel when she saw the appearance of the same witch for a couple seconds and the vanished in thin air. My sister ran out of the shower screaming and then my aunt everything. She told her to be careful and then left.

Many neighbors warned my aunt of the evil with in the house, but she couldn’t do anything but deal with it. They’ve told her to find the source , which could be skull buried in the ground somewhere around the house. She’s tried finding it , but there has nothing comes from it. She’s gotten used to the evil within the house by now, but it keeps creeping the soul out their visitors every time.

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