The Gwisin in the Apartment

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This happened when my brother and I were around eleven years old. We moved into a new apartment because we were finally able to afford it not knowing that we would leave it only a few months later. As side information the Korean side, my father’s side of my family is extremely religious and the same goes for me and my brother. My mother is more the rational kind of person. When we moved there one of our neighbors was greeting us.

My father was talking to him while my brother and I were standing in the doorframe of our room listening to their conversation. Yes, we were very curious about what they were talking, especially after we heard our names dropping in this conversation. After a few minutes, our dad called us over to say hello to him. We did and we talked a bit about how the school is at the moment and we were joking a bit about the fact that I look like I was adopted because I look so European while my twin brother looks so like he is 100% Asian. When we talked we heard glass shattering from the kitchen. Knowing that my mother had some circulation problems during her pregnancy, I walked into the kitchen to look after her when I was nearly running into her when she came out of the bathroom with a dustpan and a brush.

We were a bit confused. Then she said that she was cleaning the bath when she heard the sound of the glass shattering so she thought one of us dropped a glass or one of the bowls and she wanted to bring us the dustpan so we can clean it up properly.
We didn’t have any pets at this moment so we didn’t know how the glass fell to the ground but we shrugged it off. While I cleaned up the shards my mom was also talking a bit to the neighbor and said jokingly maybe this was a ghost. Something no one thought was funny. It turned out our neighbor is as religious as we are. When he left my mother was a bit complaining that this was just a joke and he shouldn’t take it so seriously.

The first two months nothing else happened except a power outage in our apartment but that was it. It first started when our mom went to the hospital because she gave birth to our sister and had to stay nearly three weeks because of some health complications on both sides.
That meant for us we would be alone from 6 pm to 3 am from Tuesday to Wednesday because our father worked late at night on these days. This wasn’t bothering us and besides that, we were already old enough to stay alone for a few hours. So we ate dinner in the evening and went to bed at around 9 pm after watching some Tv shows. My brother and I are very close even back then. We were rarely arguing and we were and still sharing a room. To save some space we had a loft bunk. My brother slept on the upper bed and I took the other one. When we were going to sleep we had some weird habits like the door had to be closed and the curtains had to be closed and fastened with clips on the windowsill. This was to “prevent” to wake up and see something in the window or something looking through the crack of the door. I know we had some serious issues and the worse is we still have these issues.

Anyways after circa ten minutes, my brother asked if I had drunken too much again because I have the bladder of a squirrel. I was confused and looked up asking why when I saw that not only the door was open but also the light on the hallway was switched on. I told him I was laying there the whole time and went outside to switch the light off.
Before I did I checked if the front door was locked and switched the light off.
After I switched off the light I normally had to walk a few steps before I reached our room. When I turned around I saw a silhouette in the hallway. I swear to all of the gods I believe in, I never turned around so fast to switch on the light. My brother asked what the hell I was doing when I run into our room and shut the door, this time locking it. I told him I saw someone in the hallway. He thought I was kidding but suggest that he could sleep with me in my bed. I agreed because honestly, I didn´t want to sleep alone and another advantage if there is something it would first get him and then me because he slept always on the outside.

When I think now about it it kind of remembers me of the scene from lights out except that I couldn’t recognize any kind of features or if the thing was male or female.
After that, a few things happened mostly to me or my brother, once even to both of us.
Here are a few things that also happened to us.
Like I mentioned earlier my brother slept on the upper bed. He was playing with his PSP a bit when he decided it’s late enough and switched it off. While he played he told me that he faced the gap where the ladder was. When he looked at the gap he saw a woman’s head, placed on her hands looking at him. Out of reaction he closed his eyes and turned around switching on his PSP again so there was at least some light. I woke up because we repeatedly called my name and after I responded he told me to switch on the light. I did and he went down with his pillow and he told me what he saw.

We didn’t tell this our father and we hoped this was just our imagination.
But things only became worse when our mother came home with our little sister. When we visited her in the hospital we never saw that our sister was much awake. Of course, she was awake from time to time but she was sleeping even when there was noise around her. That’s why we were surprised when she came home and she was crying a lot at night especially when she was in her room. We had two cribs. In her room and one in the room of our parents and she only slept normally in our parent’s room. Some time passed like this and we saw this weird thing from time to time. The tip of the iceberg was when our dad said that the front door was open when he came home last night. We were sure that the door was locked also because the key was still in the keyhole so this was quite odd.

After that, my father changed the lock because he thought someone broke inside our apartment Oddly enough this happened two times after he exchanged the lock and on one occasion our neighbor was finding the open door ringing the doorbell to look if anyone was there. After that, my parents decided to move somewhere else and were looking for an apartment. Our father didn’t tell this out mother but he asked us a few times if we noticed something unusual like things that gone missing or so and after he asked us a few timed we finally told him about what we saw. After that, he called our aunt asking if we could stay with her because there isn’t something right with the apartment and we had some troubles sleeping. She agreed and we stayed the next few weeks with her while our parents were still staying in the apartment
When we finally moved out we got some help from the neighbor from earlier with who we still have contact.

He helped us with moving out and we moved into the apartment we are still living in today.
When he visited us after a while our dad told him about what we told him the other day and he said something that made us all feel very uncomfortable. He told us that the previous tenant was admitted into a mental hospital to treat his schizophrenia after he told his family repeatedly that a strange woman was staring at him when he was laying in his bed and was whispering something he couldn’t understand. Honestly, when I think about it today it is more than just creepy but what also concerns me is that the person who lived there before us, is probably treated for something he didn’t have.

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