The government took my daughters freedom and rights away

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Were all chasing for more freedom and I mean every living being big or small is constantly looking for more escape. Humanity has come along way with the amount of freedom and rights people have these days. A couple of years ago slavery was the norm and people were divided between the colour of skin. Gender equality has come a long way as well because it wasn’t so long ago that women were restricted to being only mothers as their only destination. So many famous male and female activists who have fought for freedom for all human beings and are now being looked up as heroes.

Anything can be a prison though and it could be a job you hate or stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere and the need to be free from those types of prisons are just as hard as any yearning for escape. Something always comes to trap us and the fight to escape entrapments however big or small is the curse for being alive. People addicted to drugs used drugs to help them escape from one hellish life style only to be reliant on the drug to the point that it becomes their new prison. They traded in one prison for another. The way addicts escape addiction is through rehab and use of other medicines as their ticket to freedom.

This need to get out of things is in all of us but with so many rights protecting us and the freedom to love, travel and choose whatever takes our fancy I must ask the question as to why people are so miserable? With everything that we have and the privileges our era has given us unlike in past eras we should be one happy group of people living in the best of times. Depression is so high and suicide is so common and anyone from the past would think we are all living in the golden times of human civilization. I always use to think that maybe we are all ungrateful but then opinions always change don’t they like the seasons through out the year.

My daughter was looking for freedom and she has always been depressed. Ever since she was a little tiny girl she hated hanging around with other kids and was a very reserved child. The other girls naturally took to picking on her because my daughter being so different it was obvious kids her age would not take to her so easily. I have had to change her schools multiple times now and have a found a school where she can be herself. Its strange how children bully each other like how do they not realize that what they say and do to each other has effects upon a human level. I guess maturing takes time.

I tried to show my daughter the amount of hobbies she could get into but she just doesn’t seem to like anything and everything just depresses her. I have spent quite a bit of money trying to get the best psychologist to deal with my daughter but in the end medication is all that we are given. I dreamt one day that my daughter would play with other girls and enjoy all of the things life has given us all.

Then one day I awoke to my daughter laughing and chatting to someone outside our house and as I looked outside, I couldn’t believe that my daughter was socialising with someone. It was a woman I had never seen before but my daughter seemed to connect with her some how and I was just so happy for her. When I tried to introduce myself to the woman talking with my daughter she just simply walked away.

My daughter had a smile on her face like she felt relieved and I asked her about the woman she was talking to but my daughter just smiled and said “just a generous woman” and just like that I started seeing my daughter hanging about with this woman. I didn’t try and intervene because for the first time my daughter looked so comfortable in her own skin. At the same time an adult woman hanging around my daughter of high school age did always concern me.

My daughter was smiling though and I guess I had intentions of inviting this woman over to my house and try to get to know her. I mean I have tried many specialists to get through to my daughter and I wanted to know how she did it. My wife was a little jealous and felt like she was a failure because she couldn’t connect with our daughter. When my daughter went to school and she didn’t want a lift I received a knock on the door. There were two smartly dressed guys who were from the secret British services and they had something serious to tell me. In the living room they showed pictures of the woman who my daughter had taken a liking to and this woman had died in WW2. They showed us her documents and everything about her life and where she was buried and the obvious questions were asked but the answer’s were not going to be simple.

“its not the dead nor anything supernatural” the first guy told me “do you believe in aliens?” the other one asked

“aliens?” I replied

“we are not so sure how they came to our planet but these aliens travel and feed off freedom. Our race is freer than ever before and so these aliens are able to travel and feed so much more” The first guy told me

“they use dead people as well to move around as dead people are considered free by them” the second guy told me

I couldn’t believe any of this and I told of them to go away but they showed me proof that they did truly work in the national secret services but I just couldn’t have any more of it. They gave me their card and I was told to call them if anything started to escalate. As soon as my daughter came home I banned her from ever seeing that strange woman ever again. My daughter started to cry and moan that it wasn’t fair and that she really liked the woman.

When I followed her into her bedroom crying and wailing we were both in shock when that strange woman was suddenly in her room. My daughter screamed in terror and I was just trying to catch my breath out of sheer shock and that woman who my daughter had to know to was now looking like some hideous creature. The woman held out her arm towards my daughter and even though she was talking softly it echoed through out the house.

“do you want to be free from all of this Julia come with us and we will give you the ultimate freedom” the woman told my daughter I noticed that my daughter seemed to be in some kind of trance now and her smile was weak but I grabbed hold of her to stop her from moving into the creatures arms. All my daughter could say was “I want to be free from all of this and from everything” and then by some miracle the two guys from the secret services were still keeping an eye out on our family and they rushed into my house and all three of us dragged my daughter from her own room.

I locked my daughters bedroom with the thing still inside and my daughter was in the living room now and back to be being shocked and scared. I finally believed the two secret service guys now and they explained to me even further about the odd aliens from outer space. These aliens don’t just travel and feed off freedom but they are made of it and this also answered my question as to why depression and suicide is so prevalent these days in the golden era of having such high freedom and rights.

The depression is just one of effects caused by the aliens who move through freedom and they make us kill ourselves because when you are in so much emotional and psychological pain you would want to be free from it all.

I wanted to take my daughter to the hospital but the two secret service guys told me that the hospital wouldn’t help and that there is only one thing that I could do. Because these aliens feed off freedom and can travel through freedom I had to start reducing my daughter freedom and even some of her rights as a human being would all have to be limited. That way it would be hard for the aliens to get to her. The two secret service guys spoke to their manager and they started to shuffle some paper work and my daughter was to start hard labour for no money at all and she couldn’t even go out or even eat something when she felt like it.

I went along with it because all I wanted was for my daughter to be safe. My wife was just utterly distraught about the whole thing and she couldn’t stop thinking about my daughter’s future and what she could do if her rights and freedoms are limited. We were told that some people do survive but some don’t and the aliens are always trying to find ways to get to their victim. I had to take my daughter out of school and she had to sleep down in the cellar and I had to lock the cellar door. All of this looked like our daughter was now a slave but it did work as the woman in her bedroom had disappeared. I would sometimes see the woman either in the market or some other place outside and either way she was far from our home at the time.

I had to force my daughter to go to some meat factory where the owner is working for the secret services. This special secret government service which deals with aliens and other creatures alike have made all sorts of factories as a way of rehabilitation for people like my daughter whose freedom and rights had to be taken away due to the aliens. It was horrible listening to her cry and smelling her after a hard days work wasn’t nice as well. My daughter begged me to give her life back but I couldn’t as I knew what would happen to her.

All of my daughter basic rights and freedom now taken but she was safe for a while which only lasted for a couple of months. One day I heard my daughter screaming down in the cellar. As I rushed down I saw that my daughter was in front of that woman again and she was trying to tempt my daughter into taking freedom. I saw my daughter going back into a trance again and her smile so weak and feeble like she was drugged or something.

I ran down and dragged my daughter away from the alien and it gave out a screech and a couple of more secret service guys came to our rescue. Our house was being watched 24/7 at that point and I locked the cellar door and I looked confusingly at the two men who ordered me to take away my daughter’s freedom and rights as it clearly didn’t work for so long. Then one of them looked at me with a serious worried look and said “we have to go deeper and take more rights from your daughter. This time we will take her ability to choose who she can have sex with” I practically puked when I heard that and I shouted “You want to take away the freedom of choice of who my daughter gets to have sex with. She is still at school”

“Actually we may not have a choice here and the alien still managed to get to your daughter because she still had some freedom left which was sexual freedom. I didn’t think we would have to go that far but this creature is determined to get to your daughter” the second secret serviceman told me As disgusting as it all sounded they had a point but I wasn’t going to let my daughter become some sex slave and nor my wife was prepared to see our daughter to be a sex slave. Both me and my wife made a decision to give our daughter away to the creature down in the cellar. As I held my daughter in my arms with my wife behind me crying her eyes out. I looked at the alien and it looked at my daughter.

My daughter smiled again and I loved seeing her smile like that and I couldn’t bare seeing her as some slave anymore and she said to the alien “I want freedom I want escape” and the alien touched my daughter and she died in my arms. The alien looked at me and said “your daughter is free now and free from everything that has caused her so much agony”

The next couple of years were hard and me and my wife were not the same anymore as we would both constantly argue and blame each other but until recently we both saw our daughter again. We wold see her in random places which brought hope to us both and one day she appeared in our house and both me and my wife were over joyed. Our daughter was now offering me and my wife freedom from the pain that life can give to parents whose child had died and both of us knew what we wanted.

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