The Goat On The Hill

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Just a heads-up, I’m sorry if this story is a bit jumbled up, English is my second language and I’ve had a hard time writing this since I haven’t really told anyone else about this. My name is Scarlett, and I am now 14 year’s old, and this happened when I was 10. I have never really experienced unnatural or ghost related experiences in my life, since I grew up with a religious mother and she raised me not to believe in any sort of ghost-like/paranormal stuff and that it was just a bunch of hooey, being the kid I was, I believed her, mainly because nothing strange happened throughout the year’s, until this happened. This took place about 4 year’s ago (in the 4th grade). My school was hosting a camp, and everyone had to go to it so, I ended up going to it even though I wasn’t feeling my best that day. When we arrived there by bus, it was a normal day (I live in South Africa so normal day’s are usually sunny and quite warm). I was busy chatting with my friend’s until we all had to go quiet and head on to the camp activities. Anyhow, the day was normal, we all had a lovely time doing camp activites and cooking food over a fire, me and my four friend’s (for security reasons) Penny, Jadis, Amelia and Quinn, were just hanging out with each other throughout the day, being the 10 year old’s we were, as the day began to end and the sun began to set, me and my friend’s were sent to the cabin we all shared, and everyone else began to settle down, once we slipped on our pajamas and went into bed, my friend’s managed to fall asleep but, I was wide awake, mainly because I had to use the bathroom and the bathroom were outside. In the cabins were big, wide windows that stood at the top of the cabin, almost on the roof, and there was a small kitchen, but the annoying part was that the bathrooms were outside, I remember scowling about how they should really install bathrooms in the cabins sometime. But, since I had never really been afraid of the dark, I got up, grabbed my flashlight, clicked it on and began to tiptoe to the door, the dusty floorboards of the cold cabin creaking as I did so, once I opened the wall, a cold breeze hit me, making me shudder slightly as I began to walk towards the bathrooms, which were about a fifteen minute walk from the cabins, as I proceeded to walk along the gravel path that lead to the bathrooms, I felt like there was something or someone behind me, it wasn’t that feeling of someone watching you but- it was just a very odd feeling, I stopped in my track’s, and turned around, only to face probably one of the most disturbing thing’s I have ever seen in my life. So, behind the cabin me and my friend’s were staying in was a tall hill, there were usually goats hopping about the hill during the day (goat’s the farmer’s at the camp owned) But this made me shudder, there, upon the tall hill, was a goat, hell it was larger than a goat, it was looking directly at me, it’s eye’s weren’t red or anything but, it’s head was the worst part, it’s head was turned all the way around like how an owl turns it’s head around, I felt sick to my stomach, I wanted to scream but I didn’t want to at the same time, the goat, or if I can even call it a goat, had matted white fur, and almost twisted horns, it wasn’t tall or anything, it was stubby, like a normal goat but, it just looked inhuman. I just stood there for what seemed like a good ten minutes, before realizing that I had peed myself, a warm and sudden feeling making me snap out of the staring contest I was having with this thing. I ran inside, and even though I dropped my flashlight, I didn’t care, I ran back to the cabin and slammed the door behind me, grabbed my jeans, even though I was shaking, and being the kid I was back then, I changed into them since I didn’t want to get into the bottom of my bunk bed with pee stained pants, and managed to fell asleep after a while. The next day, everything was normal, and we all went back home since we were only staying there for a day, I didn’t tell any of my friend’s about this, or my mom about this, and I hope whatever I saw isn’t still out there, and that what I saw was just a dream or just me miss-seeing a goat that was just standing on the hill. It has been almost 5 year’s since I’ve seen that thing, or told anyone about it, and I’ve finally had the courage to share it on here and share my experience.

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Considering you’re only 14 and English isn’t your first language, you did really well in telling your story. For the future, when writing a story (or anything really), commas are not periods and do not represent the end of a sentence.

Beyond that, this was very creepy! I’ve heard and read a lot of scary supernatural and paranormal stories throughout the years. In fact I was raised on them, literally and I’m now in my mid-30’s. My point being, it wouldn’t surprise me if what you saw was either a Wendigo, Rake or another supernatural creature. A lot of stories depict the head of either a deer or goat but, as you described – “inhuman” (or entirely unnatural). They seem to sniff or smell their prey and follow or hunt them down, usually finding an opportunity to get them alone. When they don’t get the chance to have their prey alone, they create a situation to pull their prey away from the others by mimicking sounds familiar to the prey. I’m not saying this is, for certain, what you came across because there are a lot of differences but I’d imagine if these creatures are real, not all of them are going to look alike. I would also think that, like with people, they could be different looking based upon their location around the world. Regardless of what you came across that night, I’m really glad that you weren’t hurt and whatever it was didn’t follow you home! (Now isn’t that a terrifying thought? haha)

Thank you for sharing your story! I’m sorry you weren’t (or aren’t) comfortable in sharing it with family and friends, no child should have to go through that fear alone.


Please make sure you add paragraphs to your story next time!