The “glider”

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Me and my best friend Joseph used to play in this huge cornfield by my house. We spent all day in that field, we knew it like the back of our hands. We would usually go there early and play around until sunset. The reason I’m telling you this is so you understand a little more how crazy this event really was.

It happened roughly a year ago. Me and Joseph were playing in the field as usual. But this time we didn’t go home at sunset. We were both old enough to be left home alone. Besides me and Joseph there wasn’t anyone at my house. So we made the “wise” choice of staying out after dark in the field. And let me tell you something, I’ve regretted that decision since the day I made it.

We knew the area well enough to wander around in the dark. But nothing could’ve prepared us for what was to come. Everyone in our county would talk about flying humanoids. I never believed any of the stories. People usually mentiond them at campfires and events like that. Most people just called them gliders, I don’t know why but they did. I never believed in the paranormal until thus event took place.

Me and Joseph were walking in a huge dried up ditch at the back of the field. There were so many trees around it that if you looked up you would only see leaves.

It was around 9:00 pm at this point. In the back of my mind, I remembered people used to say the gliders come out at 9:30. But I thought that was just to make us go to bed on time.

I tried to scare Joseph by reminding him of the gliders, and telling him it was almost 9:30. He just said I’m full of crap and we both started to laugh. But then something broke our laughter. It was the sound of flapping. But not just like a bird flying by but something much larger.

Each flap sounded so powerful.

And me being a bit of an animal nerd, I could tell whatever it was, it was massive. The flapping got louder and louder. It was getting closer and closer. All of the sudden we heard a huge thud. As if this creature landed in a tree branch right above us. Just seconds later we hear this loud cracking sound. One of the branches from the tree came crashing down, me and Joseph were barely able to jump out of the way in time. As soon as we jumped out of the way we heard the most terrifying sound I’d ever heard. A huge howl or roar, it felt like it shook the earth.

It was so loud we had to cover our ears. We immediately started to climb out of the ditch. It was pretty steep.

When we got to the top we started running as fast as we could for my house. The only problem was we were at the end of the field, and my house was at the beginning. It was almost a mile away. We assumed this creaturs was extremely faster then us so we decided to hive in a small cave like thing. We sat there for like five minutes.

I swear that was the longest five minutes of our lives.

We were terrified when started hearing that flapping sound again. But this time it past right over us. We thought we were safe so I decided to peek out of the cave to check our surroundings. It was clear, we were very close to my house so we ran as fast as we possibly could. There was a huge hill in between us and the house. If we could just make it to the other side of the hill we’d be safe. We were just approching the hill when we started hearing that dreadful flapping. We had just got to the top

when I felt a huge powerful shove. Joseph must’ve been shoved too because before we knew it we were both rolling down the hill. It was a very steep hill so we were rolling for a while. When we finally stopped rolling we were so dizzy I really couldn’t see anything. I just remember seeing these terrible red eyes. I was able to shake it off.

And I think Joseph took a huge hit to the head because he was unconscious. That’s when I saw it…

This creature was about eight feet tall. It was standing on two legs. It had goat-like legs and human-like arms with huge claws. It had a bull-like head with horns and sharp teeth.

And on it’s back were two massive bat-like wings. It started quickly walking towards me.

I was terrified, but I knew being terrified wouldn’t save my life. I quickly reached in my pocket and pulled out my pocket knife. When I looked back the crearure was right there bending over me. I almost froze, I quickly stabbed the crearure in it’s eye. It jumped back and roared in pain. The neighbors must’ve heard it because one house turned on it’s porch lights. This must’ve scared the creature because it backed up when the lights came on. It looked at me with so much anger my heart stopped. Then the most terrifying thing happened. It spoke. It was the most horrific voice ever. It was english but it didn’t sound at all human. It simply said “Don’t…come…back”. Then in one swift motion it turned and flew away.

I was able to wake Joseph up and help him back to my neighborhood. There was alot of drama with the neighbors and my parents but long story short, no one believed us. Joseph’s parents were out of town so he stayed the night at my house. That night I told Joseph about how the “glider” spoke. And the fear I saw in his face made me feel sick.

Like I said, that was around a year ago.

This is the first time I’ve told anyone about the “glider” in a while. I’ve never been to that field since. Me and Joseph still don’t get much sleep. I try not to bring it up infront of Joseph, I don’t want him to be any more afraid. So I never told him something, something that still happens today. Most nights I like to go out on my back porch at night and just enjoy nature. But every now and then I’ll look out into the field and see those horrible eyes. I see them as a sign or warning to never go back there.

So I’d advise you to never go out into the woods at night, never stay home alone for long, and when someone tells you a story about a flying humanoid or “glider”, Believe it!

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