the girl in the white dress

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When i was around 11 years old me and some friends were hanging out and i was telling them about a women who would come to me at night in a white dress and they did not Believe me. so later that day we all went in my closet and Decided to say bloody mary after we did me and one other of my friends saw a blonde women in a white dress  appear In front of us and we ran out of the closet screaming. Six years later i was laying in my bed looking at my phone at around 4am when i noticed a person to the right side standing there watching me i thought it might have been my grandma who wakes up around 4 to get ready for work but when i turned the light of my phone screen on her i saw it was the blonde haired girl in the white dress again and she just vanished. Im still aways hearing noises coming from my attic witch is right above me and the door to the attic is in my room and every now and then i will hear a sound like someone is messing with the door not or someone is pushing on the door.


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