The Girl In the Mirror

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This was…fairly recent, and honestly I’m still shaken up. Let me give you some background.

I’m a 16 year old who never fits in and my parents think I’m insane. The house this encounter took place in is in Ohio, where I was born and raised. The people who live there are my relatives, and they aren’t exactly….normal people. We all have those oddballs in our families, right? Well, this goes way beyond ‘odd’. The man, whom we will henceforth call ‘Jack’, would flirt with my mother when she was young, and even does the same to me. So, fairly creepy. His wife, whom we will call ‘Jane’, is a former alcoholic. She herself is fairly normal, aside from the occasional tendency to act….extremely akward at almost every family outing. She respects privacy, unlike Jack. Jack is the kind of person to talk your ear off every chance he gets, and will even talk to complete strangers for as long as possible. Maybe he’s just lonely, but it can get pretty creepy. They’ve been married for many years, and have always had a strange connection to the house in which they live. The house itself is right on the edge of a forest, with Broken and rusty playground equipment out back. It’s on the top of s steep hill, and is extremely old, though I don’t know the exact age of the home.

What I’m about to tell you will seem fake. It will seem made up, and it will seem outlandish. But it happened. I had a witness to it happening and I’m sure he may still have the recordings. I never want to go back to that house, becuase of what I saw, heard, and experienced. Whatever is in that house…. Whatever is out in those woods……it’s not human. Maybe it used to be, but it’s not now. Not anymore.

My name is Sydney, and this is the story of the most terrifying night of my life.

It was July 4th, 2016. I was staying at a relatives house for the night. Mind you, these are those rich snobby type relatives, so of corse, I had to deal with it. After all, big money on that side of the family…and we’re broke. I’m the connection between the two, so again, of corse, I had to deal with it. But it was just one night, and that following morning, so what’s the big deal? Atleast, that’s what I originally thought.
The whole insane encounter started pretty early my first day there. Jack and Jane have a motion sensor in their spare bedroom, which on its own is a little strange. When the senior goes off (it’s not particularly sensitive either), it makes the sound of a group of dogs barking. I was sitting in the living room, and I kept hearing that motion sensor go off. I would look at the clock every time it did, and realized it went off in exact, five minute intervals. After what felt like the nine hundredth time hearing the thing go off, I went down the hall to see if Jane or Jack was working in the bedroom. Nobody was in there. They don’t own any pets, so I started to get the chills. What was making it go off?

That’s when I saw..Her. I turned around, and in the dresser mirror in the hall (I had yet to actually exit the bedroom) I saw a little girl. She wore what looked like a pink nightgown, which was caked in mud and dirt. Her hair, which was a dark brown, was long and curled back behind her face, which was ashen grey, and pulled tight over her cheekbones. Her eyes where a dark bluish green, and looked sunken into her face. Her lips where cracked. She wasn’t some transparent ghostly phantom. It was as if a real little girl, was standing directly behind me, just a little to a side.

I swallowed back a scream, and froze. Just…staring at her, while she stared at me. She would shift her weight, fidget, her shoulders moved as if she breathed. The room felt cold as ice. It really seemed like it was just some starved little girl behind me. But I knew that was impossible, Jack and Jane had no young children in the house. Or at all. Their two daughters where grown up and moved out. Slowly, I turned around, and saw nothing behind me. My fear slammed down in my chest like an anvil. I turned back to the mirror, but the girl was no longer there. I stayed frozen in spot for another moment, then bolted up the stairs and into my bedroom, and used Skype to immediantly call my friend. I hurriedly explained what I had seen. Of corse, he didn’t believe me.

I didn’t have any more experiences until that night. Four hours after the skype call began. The huge mirror attached to my temporary bedrooms closet door did little to ease my fears, as it was in a mirror that I had first seen the girl. me and my friend spent most of the skypecall silent, me watching tv and him playing videogames. I only kept the call going because I didn’t want to be completely alone. As I switched channels, he suddenly broke the long silence, asking me what I had said. When I told him I didn’t say anything, he just went ‘huh’ and we lapsed back into silence.

Not long later, he spoke up again, saying,
“Okay, what do you want, Syd?”
Again, I replied with, ‘I didn’t say anything. I hadn’t- and I hadn’t heard anything either. He requested I turn off the tv, and sit in silence for a while, so I did. And without warning, he said,
“Who else is in that f*cking room?”
I replied, ‘no alone.’
And even turned on my camera to prove that fact. He went, and got a recorder. We lapsed back into the eerie silence. And my friend caught the voice that I couldn’t hear, on tape. It was a child’s voice, a little girl, simply saying..

“Don’t go out.”

I was terrified. No, not terrified. That would be such an understatement its insane. He had me whisper the same words into the mic, in the highest I pitch I could, to try and sound like a child. He didn’t believe me when I said it wasn’t me. The voices weren’t even remotely similar. The whispers into that mic continued, until I finally gave up on being scared. I was angry, I was frustrated. Why could my friend hear this thing? Why did I see it? Who was it?

I got frustrated to the point where I began to taunt it. As soon as I said “why don’t you just show yourself?!” My friend said he heard a giggle, and this time? I heard it too. It was the most bone chilling sound I’d ever heard. Crystal clear, and right next to me. I looked. Nobody was there. I turned to the mirror…..sure enough?…..the little girl. She stood with a huge grin, broken and decayed teeth shown in all their glory. My friend was demanding why I was starting to whimper and cry, and all I could choke out was,
“She’s right there.”
He demanded I turn on the camera, take a picture, do something. But all I could do was stare. My muscles wouldn’t obey the commands my brain where screaming at them. I wanted to run. To get out of there as fast as I could. I couldn’t move. I screamed, but no sound came out of my mouth. Finally, I forced my eyes to close. I felt like I would be sick if I kept looking at her. When I eventually dared to open my eyes again, she was gone. I could move. i was so scared.

I didn’t want to leave the room, but at the same time, I didn’t want to be in there. I decided to stay, sitting in a silent call again with my friend. At dinner, I asked Jack about if there had been any deaths in the area. He said no. So I got more specificm and I asked if any kids had gone missing, or had died. He was extremely quiet. Now, if you read the background, you’ll understand why this was a huge red flag. He refused to talk about it. He either knew something, and didn’t want to tell, or knew something, and couldn’t tell. Either way, it was alarming.

The whispers continued. We tried to make sense of them, after eventually deciding the girl I’d been seeing was the girl we where hearing. We where able to get a tentative, possible name, but I can’t recall what it was. And honestly? I don’t care. As the night went on, things got worse. The door kept creeping open, even when I locked it. And once, when the door was only slightly ajar…I saw Her. Not in a mirror, but standing in the hall, peeking into the slightly open door. I began to cry, and firmly closed my eyes, got up, and closed the door as hard I as i could. The air around it was cold. I propped a chair up on the handle in an effort to stop it opening. The chair was moved and the door was open as soon as I turned around after returning to my spot by the TV.

At one point, during a skype call, I left to use the bathroom. When I came back, the room had been torn apart. Books where knocked off the shelf, chair overturned, my iPad had even been moved. I picked it back up, and asked what happened. He said he thought I was in the room. He’d heard humming and things moving. I hadn’t been there. As the evening went on, the voice became more malevolent. More angry, and more dark.

That night, I was so scared to go to bed, my friend actually read me to sleep. I had to sleep in the room where I’d seen a little girl, whom wasn’t even really there, watching me. Even now, as I type this story, I feel like something is watching. A weight in my chest I can’t he read, he would pause when he’d hear whispers. When he stopped, when the call was ended and the house was silent and all I was left with was myself, I tried to drown out the thoughts in my head,
I told myself the extra weight on the bed beside me was my imagination.
I told myself the small,icy hand touching my back wasn’t real.
I told myself the voice in my ear was just my thoughts getting the better of me.
I told myself She wasn’t laying right next to me.

I knew I was wrong.

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