The ghost that never left

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I used to live in the countryside in an old 18th century cottage, the overall setting of the place was nice and rural but in the winter is seemed like something straight out of silent hill because it was often foggy and the visibility was poor. It was the middle of December and I took my dog out for a walk down the tracks and roads but I was extra worried because it was dark and I only had a flashlight to see where I was going. I left the house and walked for about 15 minutes down the road, it wasn’t foggy which was good but it still gave me chills.

I had never seen or believed in any paranormal until this experience. As I kept walking I spotted a light almost like a candle just floating in mid air about 10 mitres in front of me, my dog froze in fear and started aggressively barking at whatever it was ahead. I wasn’t to scared at first until I noticed it started inching closer to me, so I decided to walk quickly back to the house looking back every few seconds to make sure the light wasn’t following.

I made it home safely and I couldn’t stop thinking about what the could’ve been or was it just my mind playing tricks. As I went to bed I couldn’t shake the feeling something was looking at me so I flicked the light on and sat staring in to space for a few minutes until I turned the light back off . I led there staring at the wall when all of a sudden a small light shone just outside my window seeing my room is on the bottom floor, I stumbled out of bed at to the window, as I looked my stomach dropped as I saw the same candle light as I did before and all of a sudden in went out and my room was pure darkness. I woke up the next morning to fund my windows open a few inches and from the point on I was paranoid.

The scariest thing is a few weeks after this experience strange thing had happened including objects being moved, foot steep and strange marking on so of the trees sorrow ding the property, we moved about a month after and ever since I’ve always had the though, is someone watching me and is the paranormal real.

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