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Right so let’s start by saying I’d like to remain anonymous and so would my friend.
We live in a small town in England and I’d say in a pretty decent area.
A few weeks prior to this incident I’d received creepy text messages on messenger from someone without a name or profile picture and he or she sent me pictures of my friend and I that there was no way they could have gotten. Aswell as this my friend and I had both received phone calls and voicemails from an unknown number , the voice mails were always impossible to make out what was being said.
Anyway let’s start the story , me and my best friend who I’ll refer to as ‘T’ we’re going to have a sleepover (We were both 13 at the time and are both small girls). I asked my mum if we could walk but she said no as it was dark so she offered to drop us off at T’s house , we agreed as long as she’d drop us off at the shop , it was only about ten minutes from T’s house so she let us, she dropped us off and drove away.
We went into the shop and bought a bunch of snacks for the night and walked across the road to the chip shop and got some chips. We then walked up to her house and sat on her front porch because her mother had called to say that her family had gone out and they’d be back in about 15 minutes.
Not long after we finished our chips and T opened her back garden gate and we went and sat in there for a minute , she then told me that we’d forgotten to buy marshmallows so to go back to the shop , I was lazy and asked if we could stay and just not have marshmallows but she persisted and managed to convince me to go , we left our stuff under a table in her Backyard and set off to the shop, Shutting the gate behind us , I remember that she did because she struggled doing the lock at the top being short. However we got distracted on the way there because we passed an Alleyway that she told me was apparently really scary to walk down at night but we were too scared to go down it so we decided to walk around to see where it would end, We walked for about 7 minutes until we got to a pavement near a lot of houses , we walked a few more meters and an alarm that I’ve never heard before went off it said something along the lines of “you there ! You are on CCTV” and then something else but I can’t remember what, we both screamed and ran away.
Whilst we were running back down the road I realised I’d left my money in the garden and that I needed to get it in order to buy marshmallows.
We headed back to the house to get my money and T walked ahead and stopped dead in her tracks as her face dropped as she was trying to process what was going on , I got concerned so jogged up to her. My heart sank and I saw the gate wide open , I mustered up the courage to ask “you definitely shut that right?”. That was all the confirmation she needed.
We stood there for a few seconds staring at each other before we heard faint voices from inside the gate , not that we would have looked anyway but even if we wanted to it was too dark. The next thing I remember is my best friend scream the word ‘run’ , I screamed not knowing if she’d seen someone or…. something.
So not looking back we sprinted down the street only to realise a car was following us. We ran even fasted and when we reached the shop the car did a u-turn and sped off. And that’s when we thought back to the alarm , was it trying to get us to go back to the garden so the people in there could take their chance and do god knows what to us?
It had been more than 15 minutes and still no update from T’s mother so we sat outside the shop that my mum had dropped us off at and called our friend who we explained everything to and they didn’t belive is about 10 minutes later her mother called us back to tell us they were on the way home , a few more minutes went by and her family came and picked us up and took us back to T’s house.
We tried to explain to her family what happened but they said it was just the wind and they didn’t belive anything else. We asked her dad to check the back garden and low and behold no one was there , all our stuff was but there was no trace of anyone being there. So we went upstairs and spoke about what had just happened , a recieved a text the morning after saying we should have stayed in the back garden. I don’t know what would have happened if we did I’m just glad that my friend wanted to go back to the shop.
To this day we still get voice mails and phone calls from an unknown number.

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