The first time I seen them

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Through out my life I have had many paranormal events.

But none as scary as the first one.

I lived in a small town named love,

Saskatchewan canada.

On the edge of town over looking a farmer field.

As an adult I found out that the area was a scene of a war.

The war was in 1885 it was called the western rebellion.

It was the Canadian army vs natives and half breed.

The natives lost ,

but part of them stayed with the land from what I seen.

I was young around the age of 3 and I lived with my grandparents.

Sometimes I would sleep and there bed with them.

They had sheer style curtains in the room so you can see through them as long as there is light in the background.

The room faces the field.

I was lie in in bed looking out the window and thinking.

When I noticed 2 of what I thought was dark shapes of people.

Standing in the field looking towards my window.

And I though,

Why would anyone be in a field at night time.

We just stared at each other I kind of sat up on the bed to watch.

After a while more shadows of people walked over to them until there was 10.

After the whole group got together I was blown away in a sense.

What are they doing out there.

I mean they can’t even see each others faces standing next to each other.

It’s so dark.

Only reason I could see them is because there on a bit of hill.

And they were darker than the sky behind them.

Then all of a sudden,

The original two that were standing there began to fight.

I could see them rolling around on the ground.

And as I did I seen the others start to dance around them.

In a native style dance.

I could hear a light chant.

I was on edge of my bed in wonder.

Then from behind them I could see these two giant eyeballs.

That caught my attention because of there size.

And the fact they he was behind the shadow people that I thought were normal didn’t have eyes I could see.

So to see much larger eyes looking from behind them.

You could say I had a few questions.

It noticed I seen it so it moved off towards the left.

And as it got out sight I sat back in the pillows and said to myself out loud.

What was that.

I got answer a few seconds later.

As its head came up in the window.

It was I giant.

It had eyes as big as baseball’s.

Black hair with thick eye brows and dark pink skin.

Just the sight of it I couldn’t move an inch.

I was frozen in fear.

And it panned the room and as it did.

It looked past me.

For a second I thought maybe he won’t see me.

But after he over looked me.

He panned back until he found me as our eyes locked.

I could see an excitement in his face as he ducked out of sight.

As soon as he moved out of sight I could move.

So I went out to see my mom,

and told her there was a monster outside my window.

She looked but believed me.

She said it is probably someone with a mask.

And when they come back to call her.

She will run out and catch him.

I believed her even though to make a move able mask would be expensive.

But at three years old one tends to believe there mother.

Even though I didn’t live with my mom she lived down the block and was there everyday.

She put me back in bed and I would look for the masked man.

I would pretend to fall asleep.

While I would look at the window.

Then I was scared,

But being tired started to take over.

So told myself in my head I’m not looking again.

He must be gone by now.

And just then I heard a noise.

It sounded as if the curtains opened.

So I got up to look.

I soon wished I never did and spent the rest of my life feeling that way.

The curtains were open.

And I instantly froze again.

Thinking he’s in room.

And then I started to hear a noise.

It was the sound of a rattle really fast like a snakes tail.

Then it started to come up in the window.

And it’s head was as high as the top of the window.

It was flexing his muscles and moving like a cobra in the window.

I mustered up enough strength to close my eyes,

But what I was looking at was so tramatic.

That even when I closed my eyes.

Because of the fear and the rattle noise my mind recreated the same thing.

So even with my eyes closed I seen this.

There was no way to excape.

I was put in trance by it and as I was it some to me.

It said that I will see he is god here.

It said the sun wouldn’t shine for me.

He said he would take away everything I love.

He was a half humanoid being and half snake from the waist down.

But the window I was looking out didn’t show me that.

I could tell because when he was not holding on he moved like a snake trying to stay up.

All I remember after that is waking up in the morning.

Seeing the sun.

Thinking it lied.

There’s the sun right there.

And put it our of my mind.

Until the next time.

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